Friday, August 25, 2017

Currently August

i was playing with fall fashion,
not an actual Aug outfit ;)

Current Book(s)
Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
Mystic Summer by Hannah McKinnon
The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan
Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall
Once and For All by Sarah Dessen
Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Gratitude & Trust by Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson

Current Music

Current Focuses
-Back to school. It's coming like a freight train and I am nooooot ready
-Making the most of what summer vacation we have left

Current Random Happenings
Henry coined a new phrase that is basically a way of saying "I love you more" that is so out-there and hilarious that it's become an instant hit in our house. So now we're all saying "I love you 100 noodles in front!" Long story, haha.

Current Guilty Pleasure
Re-reading the Twilight series. I can't even explain why I'm still so drawn into the story, because every time I read it I think that Bella is annoying and immature, and the writing is just...meh. I just finished Eclipse recently, I'm hoping to get to Breaking Dawn soon.

Current Celebrity Crush
I warned you I'd be boring with this one. Henry Cavill & Colin O'Donoghue 4E

Current Nail Color
Essie's pret-a-surfer. It's a beautiful deep blue that feels perfect for the end of summer.

Current Outfit
MJ's Andersen Sandy Pants (black leggings) and a Champion workout tank. Faves lately, though, are all the new jeans I got from American Eagle recently and a rotation of black tanks.

Current Slang
Extra. (I dunno who comes up with this stuff, but I love them for it!)

Current Drink
Coffee and water, the usual.

Current Food
-Beets + goat cheese
-All the fruits

Current TV Show
I haven't been watching much lately...excited for fall shows to start! Also feeling the craving to watch Gilmore Girls again...something about impending Fall makes me want to be in Stars Hollow!

Current App
Marco Polo, Apple Podcasts

Current Pastime
Reading, Blogging

Current Wish List
I have a whole post for this one: 12 Things I'm Crushing On

Current Needs
-A waist belt. Maybe this is a silly "need" but my wardrobe is incomplete without one!
-My bathroom redone. I daydream about it constantly!
-More time in a day, and a couple of extra hands would be nice, too.

Current Bane of My Existence
Stuff to do and clutter to clear. It NEVER. ENDS.
Oh, and dog hair. The shedding lately has been insane!

Current Quote

"Where shall I begin please your Majesty?" he asked.
"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on til you come to the end: then stop."
-Alice in Wonderland

Current Picture

This was such a dramatic sky! It was one of my hopes for this trip - to watch a sunset together, and not only did we make it happen, the sky played along and gave us lots to look at!

Current Blessing
Nice weather, a helpful husband, the loviest kids, and so, so much more.

Current Excitement
My birthday! Getting back on a schedule. Fall!

Current Mood
Blessed, a little stressed, but determined!

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