Monday, August 14, 2017

12 Things I'm Crushing On

12 Things I'm Crushing On: birthday wishlist 2017! |
The people in my house know that when the calendar flips to August 1st, it's Jenn month.

I know everyone jokingly claims the entire month of their birth, but I also celebrate my anniversary this month, so it's a double whammy. It's really a big 'ol celebration. Matt was actually out of town on August 1st this year, and the first thing he texted me at 7am was "Happy Birthday Month!"

My people, they get it.

With my day on the horizon, I spent some time dreaming about my wishlist. Here's what I'd love to get....

Birthday Wishlist 2017

Grey Converse (size 8.5, wink wink)
I need a less athletic looking sneaker this fall to go with outfits that I'd normal wear with flip flops. I picked these because I want something neutral, cute, and trendy!

Women's Tall Hunter Boots in Dark Slate (size 9)
I've always wanted a pair of Hunter boots, but I had a perfectly good floral pair of rain boots from Target and I couldn't justify it. Wellll, the buckle on those busted this spring, so I feel better wanting these, now. Typically I'd pick something bright and colorful, but neutral seems like a better idea for the cost.

Stemless Wine Glasses
It seems ridiculous that I haven't just run out and bought a box of these, but I've wanted to ditch stemmed glasses for years. I don't know why...just not feeling them anymore! I found a set of 12 at Target that seem nice enough for $20!

What to buy a 33 year old for her birthday!

Felt Letter Board (Black, 13x17" or 12x18")
Do you have any idea how many quotes and things I've got saved up for this baby? I would have so much (maybe too much) fun with one of these bad boys. I want the bigger size because mama can be wordy. ;)

Stella & Dot Signature Engravable Bar Cuff in Silver
I'm loving all my recently acquired Stella (I promise to share it all soon!), and the engravables are especially exciting to personalize. I want this bracelet with the word "everything" which is a new mantra of mine that acts as a reminder that I already have everything and more. It's a call to be present and grateful right now.

Stella & Dot Chevron Leather Wrap Bracelet in Silver
Every bracelet needs party guests, and this is one I love paired with the engravable cuff!

12 Things I'm Crushing On

Love Grows Best Sign from Between You & Me Signs
This is kind of a lofty want, but I love the saying on this one - it's a testament to the environment I've always wanted to cultivate in this little home of ours, and a good reminder (when it's loud and cluttered) as to why our home appealed to us in the first place.

Babette Ate Oatmeal Tee by Sew Called Life
This one is a little silly, but I'm trying to be more diligent about keeping separate PJ and daytime wardrobes (hashtag stay at home mom problems), and I would love to add this to my pajama, lazy morning closet. Triple bonus points if you understand it! ;)

Tiny Leaf Studs from Humble & Spark
I think these are the perfect dainty fall accessory to add to my collection...while silver matches most of what I wear, I feel like rose gold fits the fall hues better. Decisions!

Internet Window Shopping for my birthday!

Leather Wrap Necklace by 93 Percent Stardust Co
This is such a simple necklace that I think will complete a lot of of fall outfits. Can't beat that price, either!

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them BluRay
If you don't already know this about me, the world of Harry Potter is also part of my world (hashtag nerd alert) and while I was skeptical, I love this new HP series. Matt and I just watched some of it on our anniversary getaway over the weekend on HBO...definitely need this in my permanent collection!

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin (pre-order)
Gretchen Rubin is one of my self-help gurus, and I love everything she puts out. I've been looking forward to this book since she first mentioned it...can't wait to read it! I don't purchase many books these days (HP related and self-help is really it, I get the rest from the library), but hers definitely make the shelf.

What do you have your fingers crossed for this season?

PS, some of these links are affiliates - thanks for supporting my blog, and my internet window shopping ;)

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  1. I'm so wanting a letter board, too!!!

    1. Don't they seem like the most fun?? I know my husband's going to argue that I already have a chalkboard I can put quotes on all I want, but it's not the saaame! lol