Friday, August 11, 2017

10 Facts, 10 Years Later

Ten years ago today was my wedding day.

It was a beautiful, sunny, sweltering Saturday, filled with love, family, and bright colors.

Pink & Orange Rose Wedding Bouquet

Visions of my wedding day had changed over the years, and what we actually ended up with was not at all what we'd expected.

I hate being the center of attention (so does Matt), so the thought of a big 150-guest wedding with all the ceremony...the bouquet toss, the garter thing, shoving cake in each other's faces, and planned really didn't appeal to either of us.

Our first plan was to do a small, quaint winter wedding.

The next was slightly bigger, but was very traditional....all pastels and formality.

And by the time it was all said and done, our guest list had tripled, and we had an outdoor reception with horseshoes and dancing planned - but full of the bright, vibrant colors that are deeply true to who I am. I ended up enjoying the creative side of wedding planning and ran with it.

At the end of the day, we probably would have been more comfortable with the small and quiet, but our day was gorgeous and wonderful all the same.

It seems crazy that it was a decade ago. An entire decade!

To commemorate, I thought I'd share some of the details from our big day.

1. On our wedding day, I was 22 and Matt was 26. I turned 23 twenty days later.

2. Though neither of us are overly religious, we married in the Catholic church (more for family than for us, really) and one of the things that has always bothered me is the way they do "the kiss" in the middle of the ceremony. If you watch our wedding video, everyone was so caught off guard by the timing that one person clapped lamely during it, and at the end of the ceremony we just sort of awkwardly walked away without the kiss to signal the end of things. Total awkward l-o-l looking back.

3. We had a BIG wedding party. I had 7 Bridesmaids, and Matt had an equal number of Groomsmen. We also had 4 flower girls (yes, 4!) and a ring bearer. It was maybe a little excessive, but it was a ton of fun, and we are still close with every one of our wedding party members! We love them all :)

4. Speaking of those flower girls...not only were they outrageously adorable, they kicked off our ceremony with the best ice breaker ever. Only 3 of them actually made it down the aisle, and the littlest of the bunch got resourceful when she realized she didn't have a spare hand to throw her petals. She stopped the procession, set her basket down, and started tossing them by the handful right where she stood. Everyone laughed, and it totally made everything feel more playful.

5. We were on a super tight budget (read: super young) so we had to cut corners in a few places. I handmade a lot of things (like our invitations, favors, place cards, etc.) and I went for a wildly inexpensive photographer. It turned out that she was just a girl with a nice DSLR and though she did a wonderful job with what she had, I often wish I splurged for better photography.

6. Our cake was AMAZING! It was marbled with a chocolate whipped cream center that had tiny chocolate chips in it. (If you didn't already know this about me, chocolate is my love language.) Matt has ordered the same cake for me, from the same bakery, for anniversaries over the years.

7. Someone didn't believe that my cake was real because of how professionally smooth the frosting was. This GROWN MAN couldn't rein in his curiosity, and he touched my cake to see if it was real. So before I had even arrived at my reception, there was an imprint of three big fingers right on the middle layer of my cake. My family kept the secret of who touched my cake from me FOR YEARS! They finally admitted it to me, and when I found out I couldn't believe it wasn't a kid that had done it! Thankfully, my photographer was able to photoshop most of the hand print out of our pictures.

8. Our reception was outdoors, under a big pavilion. Everything was all white, with little splashes of color all over the place. We used thin vases with big, dramatic gerbera daisies, and brightly colored wine goblets (which were our wedding favor) to add the color to the tables.

9. Our flowers were my favorite aspect of our decor. They were GORGEOUS, and if you are local to Buffalo, be sure to ask me who we used - I recommend them to everyone. I couldn't believe how perfectly they executed what I'd wanted! The bridesmaids carried bouquets of hot pink, bright orange, and yellow gerbera daisies. My bouquet was made of 2 dozen vibrant pink and orange roses (they smelled SO GOOD!) Matt wore a hot pink rose, and the groomsmen wore alternating pink and orange mini gerberas. I'm still so crazy about how it all looked together...especially the bridesmaids dresses and their bouquets!

10. Matt and I danced to Just You and Me by Jayson Belt and Rie Sinclair for our first dance. No one had ever heard of it before, but it was an original song from a show I grew up watching about a couple who stick together and work as a team through all of life's trials. It was maybe not the floofy typical wedding song, but I thought it was perfectly fitting for us, and for the reality of marriage. I'll post it below so you can hear it. Our wedding party danced to Here's To The Night by Eve 6, which was also my prom song!

Oh! Here's a bonus one.

My Aunt, and our good friend shared their birthday with our wedding day. We felt bad that they were spending their entire day with us, so we surprised them with a little celebration after dinner. It was our friend's 21st birthday, too, so she got to enjoy the open bar! haha

It's such a happy, amazing day to look back on, and we were so lucky in so many beautiful ways!

And now, we are off to celebrate our first decade of marriage! xo

- - -

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