Monday, July 17, 2017

Sun, Sand, Scum: Long Beach '17

You would think that vacation would mean relaxation, and some would even argue a bit of luxury. But I'm about to tell you about a vacation I (willingly) take that is so gross, and sort of the anti-all-things-me, that I confuse even myself with my desire to go again and again.

I think part of it is tradition, and the other is the simple novelty of a beach, because for real...the lodging leaves a lot to be desired.

I mean, like....a lot a lot.

No really - A. LOT.

It makes me so uncomfortable, that I can't relax into anything soft for fear of what was there before me. Wet speedos? Drunken......who knows what. An entire family of daddy long legs. Luke (my oldest) announced that he wanted to sleep on a couch one night, and I cringed SO HARD I had to scurry off and look away and tell myself not to worry, I could burn everything in scalding hot water and soap when we got back home.

Not that the beds are any better. They crinkle like diapers, and have just enough sand in them to be outrageously irritating. It's more comfortable to sleep directly on the beach (believe me, I've done it many times!)

And the bathrooms. Oooooh the bathrooms. Even the best of the cottages make you wish you had a hazmat suit on. I'd post a picture to give you the full feel, but I wouldn't want to disturb you like that (and my phone might self destruct.)

But then....

The walks as the sun starts to get sleepy, and the fires with your toes in the sand, and the breeze off the lake that cools you off while you read a good book, and the poutine and outrageously large servings of ice cream that are just a few minute walk down the street, make it all worth the health hazard.

So do the smiling, happy kids who spend their days getting increasingly adventurous in the water and building waterways that lead to the shore. Watching them endlessly work to keep water in them makes me smile.

So do the right-on-the-beach fireworks that surprise us all with a free show. And the clear sight of the big dipper, and the shooting stars that zoom past it.

So does the fresh air, and the tide, and moonlight on the lake.

I might feel like being professionally decontaminated when I make it back home.....but it's worth it.

Smiles, and sunsets, and mint aero bars.

And memories.

- - -

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