Monday, July 24, 2017

Matilda Jane The Adventure Begins Full Season Trunk Keeper Haul!

A MJC Trunk Keepr's full season haul of The Adventure Begins (Spring 2017) With MJ's spring season officially behind us and a new one underway, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what I was able to acquire in my first-ever season as a trunk keeper.

Before signing on, I was a one-item-a-month shopper, but a consistent one. There was at least one beauty I wanted month after month, but that was all I could afford...especially without a local Trunk Keeper to have shows with.

This season? I was able to get every.single.thing. I wanted, and then some. Check this out!

Exploration Dress | Come on Over Cardigan | Summer Sunset Dress

Dot Your I's Dress | Perfectly Paisley Maxi | Vault Always Flowers Dress

Breathe Deeply Tank | Secret Garden Tank | As A Rose Tank

Heartbeat Top | In the Maze Top | Open Orchard Top

Picket Fences Top | At Midnight Pajama Set | Drifting Away Pajama Top

Capeside Cover Up | Cul-de-sac Sandy Pants | Living for the Weekend Finns

Andersen Sandy Pants (2 of these) | Pogo Tank | Trampolining Top

Twister Tank | Delicate Topiary Top | Bocce Ball Top

Vibrant Bouquet Runner

Bobbing for Apples Bottle | Lilac and Lavender Bottle | Water Lily Bottle

Holding It Together Pouch | Sandcastle Queen Beach Towel (2 of them)

At the Fair Pennant | In the Post Stationary Set (2 of them)

Arboretum Umbrella | Garden of Dreams Umbrella

3 Good Morning Mugs | 3 Sip Slowly Mugs

Feb Promo Weekender Bag | April Promo Tote & Pouch Set

May Promo Cooler | June Promo Joey Bag

I originally put all the prices and the math on here but it was booooring, so I'll just tell you that I got all of that (45 pieces!) for 75% off! (That's not what our discount is, but when you add in my half offs, the MJC dollars I earned, and the trunk discount, it works out to that!)

A pre-trunk keeper season for me would have been about 5-7 pieces at full price.

So this was extreeemely fun for me, and my closet is looking wildly pretty.

Bring on Fall, MJ! :)

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