Monday, July 3, 2017

A Summer of Content: Our Bucket List + A Round Up For You!

A summer of content: our bucket list and a roundup of summery links!
Our family's summer of content :)

Summer is finally in full swing (finally, finally!)

It feels like that every year - we get like 4 or 5 beautiful months here in WNY, and our kids go to school impossibly late into the year. So by the time our first week of break officially hits, we are beyond ready for it.

We've gotten started by tackling some house projects (shares coming soon!) and getting settled on our everyday schedule, and now I'm dreaming up our bucket list and cruising through old posts to get in the summer mindset.

Here's what I hope to do with my lovies this season...

My lovies!

-sneak in enriching music like classical piano, birdsong, and alpha waves
-make homemade ice cream
-hold a backyard kiddo yoga practice with the boys (maybe make it a routine)
-play in the rain on purpose
-teach my kids about manifestation
-pick our own strawberries & blueberries
-camp in the backyard & cook breakfast outside
-go to the beach
-read 20 books (think I can? ha, maybe)
-read with my boys every single day and smash their summer reading journals
-see another new movie (bonus points for going back to the drive-in)
-play on the brand new playground around the block
-plan a few play dates per kids with their school friends
-knock out a few week fitness & nutrition plan to get back on track
-work on my paint by number and catch up on all my podcasts (together)
-watch/finish re-watching OUAT, OITNB, Kimmy Schmidt, and a few other summery things on Netflix
-consign my heart out (say goodbyyyye to the baby clothes)
-practice balance between work, relaxing and having fun (have it all this summer!)
-visits to our cute little theme park 5 times (we have season passes, whoo hoo!)
-improve, bloom, thank, love, grow

Eek. That gives me the butterflies.

That feels outrageously exciting to me, simple as most of that is.

There's other things sprinkled in there, too. Weekly coffee dates with a soul-friend, a tie dye play date with another. A vacation (soon!), weekend getaways, sunshine and breezes and garden tomatoes.

SUMMER, you guys. Heart eyes, heart eyes.

I've written a lot about this fun & free season over the years and I pulled out a few posts I think are worthy of sharing a second time around. Need some inspiration?

Creative Campfire S'mores - cookies and cream anyone? chocolate covered strawberry cheescake?!
Tangy Mayo-Free Potato Salad - super yummy and fat free
Fresh & Quick Wingin' It Salsa - this crazy simple salsa recipe will give you a fresh snack in minutes
Summery Strawberry Recipes - going strawberry picking? I gotchu ;)

Summer DIY Shorts With Old Denim - super simple tutorials to make some cute new shorts
3 Ways to Prep For the Best Summer Ever - some things we've found handy for this season of fun
Summer Reading Guide - my book list from last year to get your reading gears turning
Light Reads for Summer - and more books! this list is cute, swoony YA that I LOVED!
On Learning Embroidery - try this fun little hobby that's perfect for porch sitting
Celebration Tours - this is our favorite way to celebrate the last day of school, summer birthdays, or a boring old Tuesday

Drink More Water - how to get that h2o down the hatch
21 Ways to Be Happy This Weekend - this was such a fun and popular little post! lots of summery ideas!
A Walk a Day - a super simple idea to get moving and inspire health

Happy Summer, Happy break, Happy 4th! xoxo

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