Tuesday, June 13, 2017

15 Links I'm Loving // Summer

15 favorite links for summer!
Tiny bow earrings from
(source: Three Birds Designs)

+ This new digital magazine on simplicity feels exciting - I'm thinking about getting a subscription. The first issue is all about happiness, and features my guru, Gretchen Rubin.

+ These little bow earrings are my go-to lately. I have them in both silver and rose gold, and I know they are meant to be wedding party gifts, but I just bought a pair of each for myself ;)

+ We are planning on re-painting a few rooms in the near future, and I think we've chosen wild lilac for the dining room, wedding mint for the mudroom, and tropical spray for the bathroom.

+ I'm pretty wild about this Stella & Dot necklace, lately.

+ And this is my very favorite bottle of Essie right now.

+ My friend just signed up for a food subscription service, and since I had a code I thought I'd give Blue Apron a try since it was only a $20 commitment. I'm a little nervous that the meals won't be gluten free (they don't cater to allergies and ask you to substitute ingredients yourself), but I'm excited to get some new ideas to pull us out of our current food rut!

Tiny bow choker from Humbler & Spark
(source: Humble & Spark)

+ I recently discovered the sweetest little jewelry shop on Etsy! It's called Humble & Spark, and it features gorgeous, dainty jewelry. The owner sends you a random free gift with every order! I ordered this bow choker, and LOVE the necklace she sent along with it. She's wonderful to shop from!

+ I ordered this rug from Target for my office re-do (coming soon!) and I am wildly in love with it!

+ This book is really appealing to my creative side, my love of beautiful mornings, and my Questioner nature. So many interesting pieces to learn!

+ I am realllly loving this song lately.

+ This one, too, actually (I didn't think I would!)

+ I really want a pair of rose gold druzy earrings, but I always feel like they'll look too big. I've yet to find the exact ones I want...eventually!

(source: Target.com)

+ I found a Home Bazaar bird house at Home Goods a couple weekends ago for only $16.99! It's a little blue cottage with a front porch and a flower box - be still my heart!

+ I'm seriously enjoying Matilda Jane's new women's pajama set. They're so soft and silky, and there's so much style in the top that I wear it as a regular top!

+ I love psychology, human behavior articles, and the fascinating nature of differences from one generation to the next. There was a lot of actual, real-life LOL-ing going on when I read this article. I am a little younger than the author, but I still related to much of it, and think it's an important point that we instill autonomy in our littles! And this one about Millenials and self-care was really interesting!

What have you found on the web lately? Show me!!

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