Friday, April 7, 2017

Currently April

Current Book(s)
What Falls From The Sky by Esther Emery
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron
Ask And It Is Given by Ester Hicks
Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Current Music
There's been a lot of piano music and yoga sanctuary going on in the background of my life lately. Still also Ariana Grande, though. Still digging Everyday, but also Sometimes. Also It Ain't Me by Selena Gomez.

Current Focuses
-Spring (flowers and planting and birds and sunshine and fresh air)
-Feeling stronger
-Practicing Santosha & Aparigraha
-Matilda Jane

Current Random Happenings
-The season finale of New Girl happened on Tuesday, and it was both perfect and devastating. It was amazing in all its typical amazing ways, but there's still no saying if it's the last for this year or the last-last ever, so I cried and tweeted like a heartbroken teen all evening.

-On my last shift in the library, the librarian (who is one of my heroes) said to me, "Did you know you are our fastest shelver? And the best part about it is you're accurate! Whenever I see you I think, 'oooh this is going to be good!'" Holy crap, if someone I admire thinks "oooh this is going to be good" when she sees me, then maybe my life is complete.

Current Guilty Pleasure
The Arrangement. It's such a stupid, indulgent, ridiculous show but I LOVE IT.

Current Celebrity Crush
I can't believe I forgot him last month, but my crush on Colin O'Donoghue (or, should I say Hook) reignited when he proposed to Emma on OUAT 2 weeks ago and holy crap if he doesn't get off that damn sub and back to her I'm going to EXPLODE.


I feel as though my type continues to be painfully obvious, ha. Sighhhhhh Killian.

Current Nail Color
Essie's muchi, muchi. I need some new ones...I bought 2 bottles before our trip to Florida and they had clearly been on the shelf far too long. They behaved the way an old polish does, so they were past their prime before I even bought them...BOOO!!!

Current Outfit
Agnes & Dora floral leggings, a matching tank and a sweater that says love on it. My typical outfit is still the same as I described last month.

Current Slang
Freakin' A. I dunno keeps coming out lately.

Current Drink
Coffee, as always. Starbucks order is still a grande pike with triple half & half.

Current Food
I've got a bad thing going with Pirate's Booty & Smart Puffs. I don't have them too often, but when I have them, I HAVE them. I loose control. I've always been a sucker for fake cheese. At least they're gluten free?

Current TV Show
New Girl and Once Upon A Time, and they are both "questionable" for renewal and BREAKING MY HEART. But also The Arrangement. And I'm still working my way through my 3rd (and a half) re-watch of Gilmore Girls.

Current App
Starbucks, Netflix, Fairway Solitaire

Current Pastime
Painting. Still working on my paint by number, painting flower pots to plant seeds. Also reading.

Current Wish List
-This pink ukulele
-This happy lamp
-This birdhouse (and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one)
-This nail polish thinner
-This tank (it's the last thing from this release that I haven't gotten yet)
-A season 7 for both New Girl and Once Upon A Time

Current Needs
Warmth. Less stuff.

Current Bane of My Existence
Snow. Matilda Jane. Messes.

Current Quote

"The quiet glory of merely making things, and then sharing those things with an open heart and no expectations." -Elizabeth Gilbert

Current Picture

Jk, Jk.
Though that was a fav moment of our vacation. 
It's this one, for obvious reasons:

Current Blessing
Yoga, and my instructor. She and yoga have brought me to so much enlightenment, understanding and growth. I am forever changed. And also Abraham. It all makes so much sense, and gives clarity and direction to my life with ease.

Current Excitement
The kids are on break until the 18th, woot! Which means no lunches to pack, no early wake ups, no homework, no crap to remember to send in. Sighhhhh yaaaasss.  Also super pumped for the 70+ degree weather we're due on Monday (considering it's WHITE outside my windows right now.) And sort of pumped for some Matilda Jane happenings. Who would have thought?

Current Mood
If you asked me this morning I would have said GREAT. This afternoon I would have said F you. And now I'm somewhere in the middle.
- - -

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