Friday, April 28, 2017

7 Blogs I'm Still Reading

Blogs that are still worth reading! It feels like the actual reading of blogs has started to disappear. (Says the blogger.)

We all just click through from Pinterest and follow a recipe, or skim down a list of 10 reasons why this or that, right? Do you ever just...type in a blog address and read everything that's new anymore? Ten years ago, that's what I'd be doing every morning. Even seven or eight years ago. Not so much anymore.

There are a few blogs, however, that I still check in with often and turn to because I just find them to be full of interesting or useful information, or I appreciate the blogger's view.

Here's a quick list of the blogs I'm still following along with - if you read anyone similar to these lovely minds, would you recommend them in the comments for me? :)

g. Donna
Grandma Donna lives like it's still "the old days". She does things simply, somewhat primitively, and the hard yet satisfying way. Her lifestyle is absolutely fascinating to me, and make me want to start life all over again, from scratch.

Maggie Whitley
I started reading Maggie's blog around 2012, and I started working for her in 2013! We worked together for about 3 years, and so I'm even more interested in how life is going for her! Even more than that, though, she has a wonderful, intentional outlook on life that is a comfort to read.

New Dress a Day
The woman who writes this blog started a challenge many years ago to remake a new dress every day for a year with only $365. She picked up tragedies from thrift shops and turned them into gorgeous, wearable masterpieces. I LOVE to look through her blog and see the transformations. They make you want to get your hands dirty on a craft ASAP.

Attic 24
This blog is so visually appealing to me - she shares her crafts and intentional every day life through vivid color, cozy living, and pretty decor and flowers. I am wild about her perspective and her crochet projects, and I've picked up some techniques and patterns from her over the years.

Mrs. Priss
Though she doesn't write like she used to, I find every entry of hers to be entertaining and funny, so I always pop in to see if she's had anything new to say! She's a crafty stay at home mom with a love of real life fashion, and I love her style.

Frugal Nutrition
I love this blog for meal planning! When I'm trying to keep my budget down, it can be hard because we try to eat mostly whole foods. I sometimes have to convert recipes to be gluten free, but other than that, there are great recipes here!

Gretchen Rubin
She is my guru! I mostly check in for the notes and resources from her podcast, which I try to keep up with weekly, but I pop in here for resources and to see what's new pretty often.

The blogs above are the ones I always have an interest in, but I also sometimes do a quick drive by at White House Black Shutters, The Nester, The Mom Creative, and Modern Mrs. Darcy when I'm looking for something specific (like, book recommendations, decor inspiration, or decluttering motivation.) I love to read about creative endeavors, spiritual development, stuff around the house, healthy (and gluten free) cooking, and intentional every day moments. If you know of anyone good in those areas, I'd love to know about them!

Who are you still reading?
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