Monday, February 27, 2017

Wake Up With Peace

What you need to have the most peaceful morning wake-up ever!

Last year, Matt and I overhauled our bedroom a little bit to act as more of a personal sanctuary where we could relax and recharge. Honestly - it still becomes the dumping grounds for the clutter-without-a-home, but after a good clean-up, it's still one of the best places to be. One of my favorite spaces ever-ever.

I decided to take the experience a step further after being reminded (often) by my yoga instructor that waking up to a blaring alarm clock sets off the flight or fight response in our root chakra, which starts us off on the wrong foot every day. When I decided to start meditating in the morning, I wanted to make actual progress - not just spend that time undoing the damage of my alarm clock. What would be the point of all that, right?

So I set out in search of some alternatives, and ended up with this lovely little routine:

Ingredients for a peaceful morning wakeup

1. I set the sun to rise from 5:20 - 6am with my tiny personal sun.

2. My birdsong alarm clock starts going off at 6am - it starts slowly and softly, and gradually gets louder. (This is simple to set with the Bedtime function on your iPhone's alarm app. Birdsong is my jam!)

3. If I need more motivation to wake up, I turn on my salt lamp + rosette lights for some more soft lighting, sometimes my bedside fountain, and I use some invigorating essential oil sprays (like grapefruit).

4. I greet the day by opening the curtains (the window, too, if it's warm out) and taking a moment there.

5. I grab my softest blanket, and head out to the house to grab coffee and start my morning study. I try to give myself at least an hour before the kids get up to journal, read something inspiring, and do yoga.

I know what you're thinking - I'm still using an alarm clock. BUT, the soft nature-based sounds of birds that fade in the same way it happens outside my window as birds wake each morning is anything but jarring. The sunrise is not enough to wake me up, so this addition was a calm way to add to it. (By the way, the sunrise clock comes with nature sounds to choose from - I just happen to like the specific sound on the iPhone!)

Let know if you give these a try and it makes a difference for your mornings! They make a great idea for Mother's Day requests if you'd like to pass this link along ;)

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