Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day!

Since having kids, Valentine’s Day has always been more about them than us. Also because our dativersary is at the end of the month, and we’d always chose to celebrate that more. (We didn’t really this year, but whatever. We counted our date night out this month as our blanket celebration for the month. It was 13 years this year, btdubs.)

So Vday arrived, and I had a lot going on. Matilda Jane really took up a lot of my time in February, and I hadn’t prepared or decorated or done any of the things I normally would have for the kids. I usually make them a pink & red breakfast, but I both failed to prepare and it was a school day, so meh. I also had to go carryout room mom duties in Henry’s class party that morning. It was wildly simple. I had the snack center, and I scooped vanilla ice cream into styrofoam bowls, covered them in hersheys’ syrup and whipped cream and then sat and chatted with 5 year olds while they sugared up. We talked about birthdays and parties and the finer options for snack-packing.

Post-party, Jake and I ran to the store to grab a few last minute things. When we made it back home, I decided to surprise the big boys with decorating the house while they were gone. Usually, holiday decorations grace our house for a couple weeks pre-holiday, but again…I hadn’t gotten around to it, so I thought it would be fun for them to just come home from school to it. I put out our tablecloth and garlands, hung streamers, filled a vase with flowers, and displayed a few of their pieces of V-Day artwork from school on the blinds in the dining room.

Just before leaving to pick them up, I arranged a little setting of goodies at each one of their seats so we could have our own little after school V-day party.

Inside the red boxes were personalized chocolate hearts. Matt had actually gotten these made for them without telling me! So sweet. He gave them to me the morning of V-day so I could give them to the kids after school.

Here’s my little nugget faces with their goodies (all in fairly dire need of a haircut at the time):

When our partying was done, we made a batch of GF brownies that we baked V-day shaped sprinkles into and let them cool for dessert. Then I got to work on making heart shaped (GF) pizzas for dinner.

The kids thought they were hilaaaarious. And then we had the brownies…

The rest of the evening was pretty low-key. Matt had TKD and we had nothing really planned, so I encouraged him to go. He did, however, give me a box of Watson’s truffles to enjoy all day and ooooooh man the road to my heart is for sure paved in chocolate.

Hope your day was filled with love! xo

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