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How Pens, Birds & Seaweed Might Be Your Energetic Match

How pens became my symbol of manifesting success

I first learned of the power of manifestation almost five years ago now, but I'm still just a novice at it - likely because I'm not exactly awesome at controlling my emotions. #rebel

I get the concept and the feel of it all, enough to share this awesome story with you, but I have yet to come anywhere close to mastering it. So I hope you see this as a "I'm working on this with you" tale of motivation rather than confidently instructional. I'm no pro, but this is cool nonetheless.

Be an energetic match: the pen story

SO, I started this year with my Happiness Manifesto, got super clear on my plans for 2017, and then started a little morning study routine based on growth, spirituality, and feeling good.

And the thing about being clear on your desires and then actively pursuing them is that this process naturally raises your vibes. I mention the magic of The Desire Map all the time, and when I'm working with the book or the ideas from it, I get this high vibe buzzing that runs into all that I do.

Manifesting gurus talk about this all the time, but the way I've heard it phrased that speaks to me the most is "you need to be an energetic match for what you want." Something about that makes me pay more attention to my head space and ignites a desire to check myself. Think about how good and amazing the thing is that you want, and realize that you have to feel the same way in order to welcome it into your life. Like attracts like.

So I've been high-vibe-ing lately thanks to The Desire Map, yoga, and the excitement and promise of things coming my way. The other morning, I was looking for my favorite pen to Desire Map with. I know this sounds silly, but I have a pen that is perfectly inky and I'm obsessed with it, but it's a nothing special, run of the mill pen you can get anywhere. Still, I've started my morning with it every day for weeks and I couldn't imagine not using it! I couldn't find it when I sat down to journal, and I wasn't upset but I was determined to find it! After a little searching, I found it, and I was outrageously grateful despite it just being a little pen.

I mean, it's a pen. One that probably cost me $.20 in a bulk box of them. But I can't help it, I love those things. And you know what? As that day went on I found two more of the exact pen lying around my house! I was an energetic match for what I wanted (simple as it was) and they started jumping at me!

I went to Yoga that morning, and I was sifting through my purse for some chapstick after class - I found another one of those pens.

Manifesting lots of something small could mean that something much bigger is on the way!
ps, if you're wondering, they are, in fact, these pens ;) 

Later on, I found TWO MORE on my nightstand.

The next morning, Matt was up early doing his Miracle Morning, and he, too has specific pens he uses for the process (different pens, though). He is notorious for losing pens, but particularly his miracle morning pens, so he's re-purchased them a few times. I told him of my pen phenomenon and we'd marveled over how silly and cool it was together. So on this morning he said to me, "Are you manifesting my pens, too? You can probably stop now!" He had found four of them over the past day!

It was wild, and the moral of this story is two-fold for me.

One, it's the truth - when you get excited and grateful and high-vibey over something, you attract more of it into your life. I love those stupid pens! So they all want to hang out with me, apparently.

Two, this experience was a confirmation of sorts. Matt and I both joked about why I couldn't manifest cash quite as flawlessly, and it's partially because there's a lot more complicated emotions tied up in money, right? There's stress and worry and guilt at times. So that certainly complicates things. But the pen story can also be seen as a hint that you're on the right track. Maybe it's just, quite literally, pens flooding at both of us - but who's to say it won't be dollar bills if we keep it up?

Here is a story from The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn:

Before Columbus reached America, he saw birds and twigs which showed him land was near. So it is with a demonstration; but often the student mistakes it for the demonstration itself, and is disappointed. 
A woman had "spoken the word" for a set of dishes. Not long afterwards a friend gave her a dish which was old and cracked. 
She came to me and said, "Well, I asked for a set of dishes, and all I got was a cracked plate." 
I replied, "The plate was only signs of land. It shows your dishes are coming - look upon it as birds and seaweed," and not long afterwards the dishes came.

Look up on it as birds and Seaweed: seeing small gifts as manifestation success stories

My pens are themselves a gift, but maybe they are also the birds and seaweed to my financial freedom?

Do you have any "pens" happening in your life? Could they, too be your birds and seaweed? Can you think of something small and simple like a pen to exercise your manifesting muscles?

I wish you love & high vibes! xo

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