Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One Night in Toronto

Matt and I have talked a lot about family vacations lately - how to swing more of them, make more family memories, and expose the kids to more things. He's more of the nature, State Parks type traveler, and while I do like that...I feel like exploring attractions and museums and things near big cities offers the kids a little more life experience. Really, I'd like to do it all with our boys, but for now, quick trips that can offer us lots of fun at once is my hope!

Day Trip to Toronto, ON

With the boys on break from school this week, we booked a quick overnight trip in Toronto to kick it off and we had SO MUCH FUN! The boys really loved it, and I have a feeling they'll be talking about this one for a long time!

We drove up really early on Saturday morning, and it was a fairly quick drive. The boys were super excited as they saw the CN Tower come into view! Except for Jake, who fell asleep :)

Our hotel was right in the middle of all the action, so we parked our van for the one and only time all weekend and took an elevator up to the lobby. The boys and I sat and took in the views of the place (which was gorgeous!) while Matt checked us in. Check out the photo from the lobby windows to see how seriously close we were to everything!!

This next one is a blurry photo, but I just want to remember how excited they were about the elevator! This is one of the reasons I wanted to take them to a hotel downtown - I remember the hotel experience and the room service being one of the highlights of family trips when I was a kid!

We got into our room and got settled a little, had a snack, and then spent a little time getting acquainted with our amazing view!

We tore ourselves away from our view to walk across the street and visit the Ripley's Aquarium. It was SO cool....the crowds were a little overwhelming, but everything we were able to get close to was pretty amazing!

And of course, everyone's favorite part...the moving walkway through the tanks! We'd done the Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach before, so we knew to be excited for it!! My caption for this one was "In a fish tank with a bunch of humans. Life is funny." LOL

Jakey's little face and the way he's looking at me in those last couple...sooo cute! <3

After the aquarium, everyone was pretty hungry, so we decided to have an early-ish dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. Which ended up being a really good decision, because there was apparently a hockey game that night and there were people everywhere trying to get a bite before the game!

I can't remember the name of the place we went to, but it was a sports bar...and they really made sure we were able to see some curling! lol

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to settle in for a calm night. I did some reading while we looked for some kid-friendly things to watch on TV and the boys played with their 3DS'. Watching the lights on the buildings at night, all around the skyline was SO COOL - I'll always remember that view! (It didn't photograph well, though.)

I ended up not feeling really well that night, possibly from something I had at dinner, and so while I was pretty out of it for the evening (and didn't sleep all that well), when I woke up I felt pretty much back to normal thankfully!!

Watching the sun rise over the buildings was so beautiful!

We only had one activity for the day (visiting the CN Tower), and didn't need to rush there or home, so we took our time in the morning, getting ready, packing up, and ordering room service. As expected, the boys thought this was SO COOL! They even had gluten free bread for us!

YUM, it was SO GOOD!!! That omelet was stuffed with avocado!! After breakfast, we got ready to head out on our adventure up the CN Tower (which, we were all actually a little nervous for!)

Outfit pic, because of course!! ;)

Off to the tower we go!!! Going up the elevator was CRAZY, but the view of Toronto was amazing from up there!!!

Day Trip to Toronto, ON

There's a glass floor inside that Matt and I were way more nervous about stepping onto than the boys were! haha We knew it was totally safe, of course, but your stomach just drops looking down that far!! Look at Matt hanging onto Jake in the first one like he's bracing him - lol!

Jake was telling us how small the people look in the last one - haha!

Back down on the ground in the lobby and gift shop area they had these big statues that the boys thought were hilarious. They entertained them longer than you would have thought possible! So we took lots of silly pictures.

One last look up at the top of the tower!

It was time to head home, but before we left we had a Canadian $5 bill that my mom had given to the boys to spend. They decided to use it on buying some cotton candy from a street vendor. I hadn't even mentioned that it was an unseasonably warm weekend for February, so we were able to walk around without coats the whole time - totally unexpected and an awesome bonus!!!

We had an awesome time visiting Toronto as a family, and I know the boys will hang onto this experience for years to come! Thanks for having us, Ontario!!

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