Monday, February 20, 2017

Matilda Jane Baby Shower & Vault Items!

If you haven't already seen, I wanted to tell you that Matilda Jane has released TWO bonus lines between the February & March trunks! I don't want you to miss out - because,'s all gorgeous.

The first is a set of Vault items in low quantities - they've held out longer than expected, but word on the street is that inventory is shrinking, so they are likely to disappear soon!

Here's how some of my sister TKs have matched the vault items with other The Adventure Begins pieces and MJ from previous seasons:

Vault Emilia
PINK DRESS // MJC Vault Gentle Heart Emilia
BOW LEGGINGS // MJC Ready to Go Leggings

Vault Emilia with petal faster leggings
PINK DRESS // MJC Vault Gentle Heart Emilia
GIRLS RUFFLE LEGGINGS // MJC Pedal Faster Leggings
BUTTERFLY TOP // MJC Playtime in the Sun Top

PINAFORE TOP // MJC One Moment Knot Top
RUFFLE PANTS // MJC Vault Easy Peasy Big Ruffles

Matilda Jane Vault Ruffles
BUTTERFLY TOP // MJC Butterfly Kisses Tunic
RUFFLE PANTS // MJC Vault Easy Peasy Big Ruffles

Vault Emilia Dress
PINK DRESS // MJC Vault Gentle Heart Emilia
BOW LEGGINGS // MJC Ready to Go Leggings
RUFFLE LEGGINGS // MJC Busy Bee Leggings
FLORAL TUNIC // MJC Dancing Away Top

Vault Yellow Lap Dress
MJC Vault Good Vibes Lap Dress

So, so cute, right? I love both Vault dresses and the pink striped ruffles so much - like, a lot a lot. If I only had a little girl!

Speaking of little girls...the other mini-line is designed to outfit a baby shower!

It's full of goodies that can help you craft gorgeous tea parties and garden parties and Easter brunch in addition to the sweetest baby sprinkle there ever was! I want this table runner just to keep in my dining room all the time!

Matilda Jane Vibrant Bouquet Table Runner

MJ Table Runners

The diaper bag (which is coated on the outside for easy wiping, and outfitted with pockets and zippers galore) is made from the same gorgeous fabrics as the runner above.

Do you think if I left the changing pad at home, I could get away with just using it as a messenger bag? ;)

Matilda Jane Diaper Bag

The Adventure Begins Baby Bag

Matilda Jane Crossbody Baby Bag

There's a tote, too, made from similarly gorgeous patterns, and this could totally pass for just a gorgeous spring tote - with or without baby in tow.

MJC Baby Shower Tote

The Adventure Begins tote inside

Also in the baby line? A gorgeous baby blanket, a fun pennant bunting, and another beautiful table runner.

What's your fav? If you had to choose between the bags, which one would you go with? (I'm a bag hoarder, so....I'd personally say both - ha.)

You can see everything HERE if you'd like a big-picture view of it all, and if there's anything you love-love-love and want help ordering, let me know! I'd looooove to help you outfit your decor for spring, or help you plan a springy gathering!

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