Monday, February 6, 2017

How January's Intentions Gave Way to Feburary's

Sighhhhh. Can I just say...GOODBYE JANUARY.

My emotional landscape last month was a wilderness of wild beasts.

I had REALLY good days - inspired, magical, spiritual days. And I had BAD ones - sick, enraged, disheartened days. Too many extremes, ya'll. Let's hope February offers calmer waters.

As wild (emotionally) as it was, I DID do a kind of amazing job with my actionable goals, and sticking to my Happiness Manifesto. And what's most interesting to me, is I didn't sit there and study that thing every day or anything (rebel don't play that)...I wasn't constantly checking it to remember where I wanted to go. The practice of just creating it was huge enough to set my path, and I lived it nearly all of those 31 days.

February actionables for 2017 Intentions

Side note: I read 7 books in January. Something like 2,600 pages. And that feels kind of awesome. Book goals always feel good to me - how about you?

Here's how I did on everything else...

1. 5 Day detox the first week of the month.
Done. It was amazing and awful. I was hangry-hangry-hangry, but I was successful in sticking to it faithfully, and I dropped down into the range that I consider my happy weight. It also helped clear some of my mind-fog that set in after the sugary holidays.

2. Get my yoga plans set and on track.
I really kind of blew this one out of the water! I was annoyed with myself for not hanging onto yoga for dear life when things got busy in the fall, so I started strong. I went to a 2 hour workshop, started up my Thursday classes, and attended a parent/child class with Luke. I also started a morning practice - I only spend about 10 minutes on it, but I'm kind of loving it.

that's me on the right (with all dat hair) at the workshop

3. Start my Happier Podcast Challenge.
This was harder to get going than I thought. I've been juggling and processing so much lately that anytime I thought of it, it just wasn't the time. I still think this is going to be a fun little experiment, but I'm going to take it off my actionables for a bit.

4. Rejoin BuffaloMommies.
Done. Turns out...I was still a member. I spruced up my profile, said hello in the Introduce Yourself forum, and have tried to pop in every couple days. It's so quiet in there compared to what it used to be! But I like being back.

5. Start my new business.
Um, donnnnne! Did you see my Jane Parade last week? (Check it out if you haven't - there's a lot of gorgeous to be had!) Phew, it's been a hectic start, but a FUN one - most of it hasn't even felt like work.

Matilda Jane One Moment Knot Top Matilda Jane Come On Over Cardigan Matilda Jane Treehouse Skirt

6. Make a health game plan.
I did, I made it. And I guess that's all I really set out to do here? So...success? But I haven't followed it. Ha. I eased into "normal" eating again after the detox (staying away from grains for a bit), and then kinda dove right back in head first. Meaning...I'm still gluten free, still mostly dairy free, still limiting sugar.....but indulging whenever the heck I want. Surprisingly, my weight is still exactly where the detox left it.

7. Set up my theme day schedule.
Done. I followed it perfectly for about 3 weeks. Then I stuttered. Then I got sick. Trying to get back on track now, but I for sure set it up and have at least try to stick with it.

8. Do the money manifestation 30 day challenge.
Well. I did the first week kind of flawlessly, and made some big breakthroughs, but everything else got so busy that I faltered. It's still all I'm going to try and pick it back up in February.

9. Follow my self-care schedule and stay focused.
Ummm also a sort of. There were moments when I noticed my tank was running on E and I had to stop and do something for me, and I did. But it wasn't as routine as it should have been so, work in progress.

Venti Pike Place pleeeease
i self-cared the hell out of myself one day, with a venti pike place

10. Listen to my mantras and review them daily.
The only one I've been regularly chanting is "Live the bigger life", which I know is a good thing to strive for, but I need to study these more and lean on them more often.

11. Experiment with my new Veggetti Pro (worst name ever)
Official fail. I used it twice and both times I made ribbon potatoes. I wouldn't call that very experimental. A goal for another time!

veggetti pro ribbon potatoes
on the night before detox, and all through the house,
a plate of greasy potatoes flew into my mouth

12. Move the boys’ rooms around and find new uses for spaces.
Done. Still a work in progress, but we did move the boys' rooms around, and bought some new under the bed storage to work out their situation. We still have work to do, but the biggest part is done!

13. Sketch out family vacations for the year.
Done! We are headed to Toronto, Canada; Estero, Florida; Long Beach (aka Wainfleet, Canada), and most likely "the lake" a couple times.

14. Consign for the first time!
Sort of. I did a little consigning research, and decided that participating in the big sales would be more with my work than a brick and mortar store. I did, however, officially sign up for my first big sale! I'm just sitting back and waiting for that to happen, I will move the more official goal for this one to April.

15. Make plans: family plans, relationship/date night plans – be a better scheduler.
In theory. We mapped out some ideas, a date night, our vacations, my trunk shows. We're getting there, but not solid, yet.

I felt pretty satisfied with how I did on my actionables list - there were several times where I stepped back and thought, "whoa, I'm slaying January!"  There's something about the way the way I set my goals this year. Hmm. Holding onto this, for sure.

Not only that, I added to my list of things to look forward to this year, AND I did kind of great with my "Ways I Want To Give Blessings" list. Refresher:


+ I jumped in to help with a new contest that the school would love to win.

+ I donated to two adoption fundraisers through bonfire funds, and got these two shirts:

+ I hosted our first Desire Map meeting at a Panera, and have tried to post inspiring thoughts a few times a week.

How on earth will this cold, (evil?), short month of February compare?

Well, here's what I'm setting out to do:

1. Make $600 in commission with MJ.
2. Read all of Wheat Belly by William Davis.
3. Read 3 more books.
4. Create better, bigger reading habits for the boys.
5. Have a date night.
6. Be fully present on our Toronto trip.
7. Have fun with the boys on purpose over winter break.
8. Practice morning yoga 3-5x a week.
9. Share a creative MJ idea every single day.
10. Plot financial game plan with tax return & Matt’s bonus.
11. Create a monthly Groceries Etc. budget.
12. Get the word out about the author contest for school.
13. Book a vendor show for MJ.
14. Finish the money manifesting challenge.

They cover a bit of each of my words for 2017: Health and Wealth, actions for my lists of jobs for the year, and the rest is inspired from my mantras and my core desired feelings. This list feels good, too.

SO - Happy February - what are you setting out to accomplish this month?

- - -

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