Friday, February 10, 2017

Become a Student of Life

Become a student of life - study the methods and ideas for living your life ideally on a daily basis Every morning, when I emerge from my peaceful bedroom into the responsibilities of my day, it looks a heck of a lot like it did in my school days. I walk to my destination with an arm full of books and notebooks, a planner and a pen.

It looks like I never left the classroom because I've embraced daily life as the classroom it is.

Life University.



I've always been interested in psychology - understanding the mind and the actions generated from it. It wasn't until my 30's, though, that I started to not only see it in an enlightened, spiritual sense, but to also treat it like a worthy, daily pursuit.

It struck me in this past year that there is so much to learn in this field - so, so much to take in, to study, to try, to experiment with, and to enhance life with once you acquire the knowledge.

My hope is that this blog helps you with that - gives you sort of a program to work with, rather then stepping into this massive, sprawling university and just randomly popping into classes without knowing if they will suit your strengths, skills, or personal needs.

There's no degree to be had, obviously, but if there was...I think it would look something like, a Masters in Happiness.



The best part about being this kind of student, is that it can look like whatever you want it to. There's no core requirements, or grades, or $400 text books. There's no cold, metal seats with a slab of table barely big enough to fit your elbow.

You can cozy up in a big blanket with a steaming cup of coffee (like I do), and dive into whatever soul work that feels good to you.

Treat life like a university, and you'll be surprised what it brings to its students.

This process has brought new ideas and methods to my life, defined my personal characteristics, and helped me figure out not only what success means to me, but how to obtain it within my nature. DIY life coaching.

Happy Studying, xo.
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