Friday, February 17, 2017

5 (non-English) Soul Words To Live By

5 Words for Your Soul: positive guiding ideas for your daily life

I read a lot - could you have guessed? ;)

In my literary exploration, I often come across words and quotes and phrases that speak to me or intrigue me, and I jot them down. I tend to gather lots of them from self-help and spiritual books, but I've even picked them up through fiction.

Yoga has broadened my horizons, too - to not only a more peaceful life, but to a new language, a new way of thinking, and lots of ancient wisdom.

It's also probably no giant secret that I am simply a lover of words, and a big proponent of The Desire Map and unearthing your core desired feelings.

And so, I collect words. Words from other languages and dialects intrigue me most of all.

Here are five that I've been loving lately, and a few ways you can bring them into your home.

Five unique words to help guide you in life.

Irie (pronounced eye-ree)
A Rastafarian greeting used in Jamaica meaning "alright". It's also described as positive, powerful, good vibes, pleasing, and feeling great. When I found this term, it was through a character in a novel and she was discussing how its origins are spiritual - a deeper meaning of being alright with the world, with the Universe, with God - being in a alignment with the greatest good. I like to see it as the state of manifesting, and I feel it as a carefree deep breath on a sunny day. (PS, it's also a baby name.)

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Hygee (pronounced hue-gah)
A Danish word that represents a pleasurable feeling you get by living intentionally through trivial, every day moments in an attempt to make them more beautiful or meaningful. Hygee is simply domestic mindfulness. Think candles, blankets, hot cups of tea, fireside nooks. It's kind of a trendy craze at the moment, though I haven't dove very deeply into it - I recieved a book on it for Christmas that I have yet to crack but I'm going to this month! There's a special emphasis on hygge during the winter months, so it's a great time to explore it. (I won't lie to you though, I pronounce it hi-ge every time I see it.)

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Santosha (pronounced san-toe-shuh)
A Sanskrit word, also one of Yoga's Niyamas, meaning completely content. It, too, is a word that represents mindfulness, but it's more specifically about showing up to every moment with all that you are. It's not looking over the fence, it's not always seeking "someday," it's not multitasking. This is a quote from one of my morning study books, The Yamas & Niyamas:

"Santosha invites us into contentment by taking refuge in a calm center, opening our hearts in gratitude for what we do have, and practicing the paradox of 'not seeking.' "

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Ahimsa (pronounced uh-him-suh)
Also Sanskrit and the first of Yoga's Yamas meaning non-harming or nonviolence. It works both outwardly and inwardly - a reminder to not carry a harmful presence through the world, but also in the treatment of yourself. Even in yoga classes, my instructor reminds us to practice ahimsa if a pose is too difficult for us. The same goes for your daily life and how you treat yourself despite responsibilities and a full schedule.

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Runa (pronounced roo-nuh)
A Kichwa word meaning fully alive. Roughly translated, it means living human being, but some have adapted the more spiritual feel of the word. Being fully alive would likely suggest being fully present as well - our awareness creates our reality, right? I guess I am attracted to words of mindfulness!

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Which is your favorite? They are all heart words for me - I feel as though I carry them around with me every day like a security blanket. (Word nerd.)

Tell me what spoke to you, and what you'd add? :)

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