Friday, January 6, 2017

Making Schedules for Rebels

Making Schedules for Rebels One thing I have never been able to accomplish for more than a week or two is sticking to a schedule. When I have no choice in the matter - like having a job years ago - I rebel in subtle ways, like waiting until the last minute to shower, or starting a task at a different time every day. I know it's ridiculous, but it's just hardwired somewhere in this wild brain of mine.

my little rebels, off exploring

I'm not just a rebel, though. In fact, I'm actually more of a Questioner (someone that is always in search of information, and needs perfect (or nearly perfect) knowledge on something in order to make a decision), so I love trying to work and re-work systems and schedules to try and get myself to find THE one. It's just that it would always end up being wasted work, because I used to forget to play to my rebel side. Lesson learned.

So here's what I figured out.

I love the idea of knowing what's coming and what to do (because I can be seriously indecisive thanks to analysis paralysis), and I also love the feeling of lists and stats and logic - but when it comes to the actual act or completion of something? If I don't REALLY feel something in the moment, it's not happening. In fact, probably the opposite is happening.

I have two seriously intense personality traits that can sometimes combine to create ridiculous outcomes.

Here's the solution I discovered.

1. Giving each day of the week a "theme" helps to frame what I expect of myself that day, but what actually happens during that day is totally up to me when I set my intentions that morning.

Example: Martha Stewart day happens on Tuesdays, and it means that from the moment my kids leave for school until the moment Matt gets home from work, I'm playing the part of housekeeper extraordinaire. But whether I start in the living room or the kitchen, or vow to finish all the dishes or laundry, or which nagging project around the house feels most important that day is totally up to me.

So the Questioner wants to know whats up and wants to see results at the end of the day, and the Rebel wants to pick which things and in what order to do them as the day goes on. Harmony.


2. If I have an efficient system with which to sit down and set intentions for the day before my kids get out of their beds and the business of serving my family starts for the day, I am able to really know what I feel in that moment and set the right goals accordingly.

Example: My morning routine is a bathroom break, followed by savoring a hot cup of coffee and working on that day's page of my Desire Map Planner. It's more journal than planner - it asks me every morning what's in my heart, what my soul needs to accomplish, and how I can move forward in life. It's perfect for planning my tasks with feeling.

So the other day, I talked about the actionable goals I am setting out into January with, and these are the methods I will use to be able to accomplish them.

One of the items on my January list is to "set up my theme day schedule." That refers to what I explained in my first point above. So here we go: this is what I came up with.

Monday: Self-Care Day
Relaxation, Reading, Mani/Pedis, Personal Development, Writing, Happier Podcast Challenges.

Tuesday:  Martha Stewart Day
Housewife duties from the start of the school day to the end of the work day.

Wednesday: Errand Day
All of the crazy running around needed to keep this house functioning happens in a whirlwind 4-5 hours.

Thursday: Work Day
Focused work on my jobs for the year (see my Intentions Manifesto if you're curious)

Friday: Create Day
This is the day for blogging, panting, crafting, diy-ing, home projects and other creative pursuits.

The weekends are left open-ended so we can make plans as a family and spend time together depending on what we have on our schedule.

Also a perfect set up? I have yoga on Thursdays after my work days - perfect way to unwind after all the hard parts and to prep my mind and body for being creative the following day.

So if you'll now excuse me, I have the rest of my Create Day to go and explore. :)

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