Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January Actionables: How I Set Goals With Soul This Month

So the other day, I shared my 2017 Intentions Manifesto with you (I'm slightly allergic to the phrase "New Year's Resolutions"), and as I sort of spoiled in that post - it wasn't exactly short and sweet.

I mean, if you hear that I've got a manifesto rather than a list, you probably already safely assumed there was some heft to be had there, right? I just don't know how to do things small, and that's okay.

January is here (somehow), and it's time to get to work.

No daily challenges, no strict rules (sort of), no harshness. I know now that it has to be that way.

january goals with soul

I learned a lot about myself in 2016 - I went through a solid year of growing pains, and I think, came out the better for it. I understand now that I'm a Rebel Questioner, and I have to play into that if I want to make anything happen. I mean, anything. Like from doing the laundry to starting a business.

I need things to make sense, but I also need the freedom to do the things that FEEL right to me in each moment and in every day. Which seems to be why The Desire Map works so well for me, too. It is a constant reminder to think about how I feel, what I'd change, and why. (It feels SO GOOD to know all of this about myself, now!)

That said, I planned my 2017 goals very loosely, and with the feelings I want to harness at the core of every single one of them. So first, after I documented my words for the year, I listed my Core Desired Feelings below them. Those are the things I hope to harness by working on my 2017 words.

2017 Intentions Manifesto

Next, I wrote down the mantras (or soulful reminders) I'd collected over the past year+ that help me stay on track with everything I set out to do. These sayings each speak to different areas of my life (and I won't explain what they mean to me - I'm sure they would have different meanings for you), but if you're ever curious, I'd love to chat about them with you. (Join in on our low key self-help group called Your Happiness Project for chats like that!) I will write these mantras along with my CDFs into my planner, repeat them at every monthly check-in, and keep them in my wallet.

Then I wrote down my list of jobs for the year, mostly to limit myself. I like to collect tasks that sound fun and interesting, but I need to make myself focus on things more closely and tell other things to wait their turn.

Then comes my full lists of Health & Wealth actionable goals for the year, which you can see HERE.

From there, I broke those pieces into things to tackle each month. Some of the months will have extra goals that I have room for, too. And at the moment, I only decided what will be happening in January so that I can make my decisions based on how I feel later.

All of that is to's what I'm up to this January :)

1. 5 Day detox the first week of the month.
In progress, click here to see my plan and here to get a blank printable of my planner, if you'd like it.

2. Get my yoga plans set and on track. All set!
3. Start my Happier Podcast Challenge.
4. Rejoin BuffaloMommies.
5. Start my new business.
6. Make a health game plan.
7. Set up my theme day schedule.
8. Do the money manifestation 30 day challenge.
9. Follow my self-care schedule and stay focused.
10. Listen to my mantras and review them daily.
11. Experiment with my new Veggetti Pro (worst name ever)
12. Move the boys’ rooms around and find new uses for spaces.
13. Sketch out family vacations for the year.
14. Consign for the first time!
15. Make plans: family plans, relationship/date night plans – be a better scheduler.
Updated 1/14

As I work through these things, I plan to keep updating my manifesto to reflect the decisions and steps that end up getting made, and changing things as I go. That's the beauty of the manifesto - it's dynamic. No static, impossible-to-stick-to resolutions, here. Finally.

- - -

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