Monday, January 9, 2017

It's Going Down For Real

New trunk keeper comin' at ya ;)

A couple years ago, when I was sort of really hashing out my preferences and style, I finally jumped in and gave Matilda Jane a try.

I don't know why it took me so long - probably just the notion that MJC is mostly known as a little girls' clothing line - but nearly as soon as I discovered it, I fell hardcore in love with it. Matilda Jane clothes are EXACTLY me. They come with florals, and stripes, and polka dots. They come in rich, lovely colors. The fabrics are all soft and dreamy, and the little details in the buttons and zippers are worthy of a squeal.

They also have this uncanny way of flattering my body type. Which I guess I'd consider....reasonably thin, but definitely a Mom-bod. Let's just say I've got things I'd prefer to hide well. MJ totally gets it.

So season to season, I went crazy over every release - filled with excitement over seeing what must-have pieces would exist as each month passed. And because of my un-ending love for it all, and the way MJ is basically learning my preferences as time goes on (it's crazy), I considered signing on to be a Trunk Keeper on three separate occasions.

Wellll. I heard some rumblings about new things starting this Spring, and before I could question myself yet again, I decided to just jump in and do it.


My rack and goodies showed up over winter break - that was an exciting surprise. I was so wrapped up in the holidays that I didn't realize it would be showing up so soon, and when the Fed Ex guy started rolling up big, heavy boxes on a dolly I did a little happy dance.

The gears started spinning quickly, and I can't waaaait to show you what I've got planned! When I think about my own little MJC boutique, right here in my own little house, it makes my heart flutter.

YES! Gimme all the Matilda Jane!

I cannot WAIT to share it all with you! We can play dress up seriously all the time. I'm always up for it. Like seriously, always. (Have you ever read my shopping series? Yeah, it's a legit crazy, deep-seeded part of me.)

I am still waiting on info and officially-official bits and pieces, but for now, I'm starting to get organized and I'm booking both personal shopping appointments and trunk shows for the first release of the spring season, which will take place in February. (This totally includes virtual shows!)

Now Booking Spring 2017 Trunk Shows!

So, want to play clothes with me? :)

Janes (aka, trunk show hosts) earn huge discounts and freebies, and trust me when I say: you will want so many things you'll neeeeed those in your pocket.

If you'd like to have my traveling boutique come visit you and your friends, check out my MJ Availability calendar. Everything in yellow is available (and at the moment, just about everything is since the season hasn't started yet!) Since this form is public, don't add any personal information - just your name, and a vague response to the location (your house, my house, online) and I will get you on my calendar!

You can also reach out to me at until I have my official MJC email up and running if you have questions! (Please also shoot me an email if you reserve a spot on my calendar so I can gather your contact information personally!)

I'm so excited to show you all the pretty-pretties!!!

- - -

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