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Collect Your Mantras: My 10 Guiding Ideas

10 Mantras for your soul: Guiding ideas for your daily life and achieving your goals By definition, a mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, or a statement or slogan repeated frequently. (source) And because I'm a budding yogi - the Sanskrit origins relate to the words "man" and "mind".

During meditation in my yoga class, we sometimes use the mantra Soham, which means I am that I am that, which is basically just a confirmation of being exactly and perfectly as you are in that moment. It sounds beautiful when our instructor says it, and I've found that my mantric voice has sort of evolved from hers.

10 Mantras for Your Heart and Soul

This is, of course, the more spiritual and deep practice of using Mantras, but what I want to share with you today is a much simpler, daily approach. It's meant to be a way to frame your mind - to have a reference to fall back on in any moment that your emotional atmosphere isn't what it should be. And I don't know about you, but I neeeeeed that in my chaotic days of caring for my family, getting work done, and harnessing my creativity.

A couple weeks ago, when I shared my actionable list for January, I explained that I was approaching each of my goals with a list of mantras. They are simple, personal reminders to follow my heart and my core desired feelings as I go through life each day. I've slowly collected them as I've been inspired through books, podcasts, and journaling my heart out, and they've become a compass for everything I do.

At the time, there were 8 of them, and that's since grown to 10.

Ten guiding principals for my life - what I stand for, what I decide to do, what actions I take, the ways I give and serve and create. If I follow these daily life mantras, they lead me directly to what's in my heart.

10 Mantras for Daily Life & Goals

This is obviously a deeply personal and individually chosen list, but if they speak to you as well, and you'd like to print this list of them, I'd love you to. Please take it and enjoy. (hugs)

Print here if you like God to lead you --> 10 Mantras with God
Print here if you like the Universe to lead you --> 10 Mantras with The Universe

This is what these heart-mapping mantras mean to me.

>> Live the bigger life. 
When I'm faced with a decision whose options are either within or outside of my comfort zone, I first determine their safety, and then urge myself to step out into the unknown. I always want to choose better,  harder, bigger, kinder, deeper.

>> Sometimes flawed is more perfect than perfection. 
I'm naturally pretty good with this idea, but there are times when I want things to go precisely as I've planned them, and this is my cue to let them go. It's also a physical reminder to stop striving to be what I believe everyone else views as perfect.

>> Remember to go outside. 
Self explanatory, right? Nature, particularly at sunrise, is the place I feel closest to my soul. To God, to the energy of the universe. But I can be lazy about pausing to connect there because my day is too busy or too exhausting. Sometimes a mental and energetic reset it just a few steps outside the door.

>> The days are long, but the years are short. 
Maybe one of the most famous phrases coined by Gretchen Rubin, and perhaps the most important thing to remember as a parent. It's an obvious thing to say and relate to, but something I feel the need to consciously remind myself of in the hard moments.

>> Love what YOU love. 
It doesn't matter what other people think about my passions, preferences, and hobbies. I used to get really scared that people would laugh at me for being a blogger, or for posting pictures of myself wearing the clothes that make me feel the most like ME. Whatever, though, right? Everyone loves what they love, and it's okay to let it be.

>> If you think you should, do. 
I have a whole post on this one - it was my mantra for 2016, and I like the idea of it so much, I want to keep this one with me always.

>> Outer order, inner calm. 
This is another Gretchen Rubinism - one that I believe she is writing a whole book about. It's a simple idea, though. The arrangement of your outer atmosphere helps set the tone for your inner, emotional one. This is more or less true for certain people. Matt (my husband) for example, is really effected by this. I can tune out outer chaos without much effort, but I can't deny that outer order is a real mood lifter. This is my reminder to want it more for myself, and to honor Matt by helping him with this.

>> It’s not about me. 
This can apply to nearly anything in life, but for me, it's about blogging and my self-help group. For years, I measured my success by traffic numbers, comments, and likes, and felt very "what's the point if no one cares?" But after having individuals privately reach out to me I realized that it doesn't matter what the masses say, and though writing and crafting a post is enjoyable for me, its reception is not. It's for you. It's for whoever finds this, for whoever it touches. I'm compelled to share for a reason, but I don't have to know what that reason is - I just have to do it.

>> Spend and give with faith and trust. 
It's easy to feel hesitant to go after things we want when they impose a financial burden, or to give money or financially heavy things to others when we're not sure if we'll have enough for ourselves afterwards. I can be bad about this - always trying to protect myself and my family. One of my long-term goals is to feel financial freedom in a way that allows us to give largely, cultivate memories, travel well, and take money out of decision making. The way to get there is to start feeling it now. There will always be more, there is abundance available to everyone, and....

>> God will take care of us.
He really will. Or maybe for you, it's the Universe that will take care of you. They're one in the same for me. I know that when I live the bigger life, and make the decision that requires me to trust something or someone (which is a scary notion for many of us), if I put that trust in God and the Universe, I will be cared for in return.

What would you add to my list?
Do you think collecting mantras would improve your daily life? 

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