Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Intentions Manifesto - Totally Free Download, too ;)

I was just telling someone the other night about why I identify with the symbolism of a Hummingbird, and it's never more evident than when I'm trying to set new year's resolutions.

I just think that there is so much beauty out there - to be seen, to play with, to document, to manipulate, to reframe, to share, to collect. And I can't help it, I want to get my hands on all of it.

Beauty, to me, is as much a feeling as it is a sunset. As much an inexpensive craft as an exquisite piece of art. I want to experience all of it - big, small, and everything in between.

Every year I'm always focusing on this big, unending beauty and the ways I want to harness it, and for once - I'm thinking smaller. Or maybe not smaller, but more foundational. Essentials. Things that are so simple and cliche that I say "nah" to them every December-to-January transition like they aren't worthy of work despite being desperately essential.

And so this year, I am giving them their due.

My words for 2017 are Health and Wealth. And what that means for me and my family is pretty sprawling, but at the core of every single thing I do with those 365 days will be Health and Wealth. Every goal, every plan, every treat, every moment.

That doesn't mean I'll be limiting myself with beauty - that is an essential piece of me, and it will be used as a tool in the process of working towards better health and wealth.

As usual, my goals are both simple and complicated.

They are only health and wealth, but they are also dozens of other actionable pieces.

And you know what's super cool? These days, when I notice that, I laugh at myself in a, "there I go again," sort of love and appreciation for all that I am. That's new. And beautiful.

I figured out a way to organize it all, at least, and rather than overwhelm this post with a wild list, I will share my little 2017 Intentions Manifesto with you. With this document, I am set up to bloom, to trust in the process of the universe and let spirit lead me, to enjoy the process, and to evoke love for myself, for my life, and for those around me while I pursue health and wealth.

And just in case this organization suits you, I made a blank slate for you to fill in, too. Just edit anything in bold to cater to you.

My 2017 Intentions Manifesto --> HERE
Blank 2017 Intentions Manifesto --> HERE

Free 2017 Intentions Worksheet - no signups required! ;)

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