Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Weather Machine!

Remember that Weather Machine contest I kept asking all of you to vote in? Well, the boys' school collected their prize a few weeks ago, and I got to attend the morning assembly with Henry's class.

I wish the boys had gotten to participate in it somehow, but unfortunately neither of them were picked for any of the volunteer moments. It was still really fun, though - a huge weather balloon went around the room, and we got to see demonstrations of sunlight, fog, clouds, snow, and a tornado. I wasn't close enough to Luke to see his reactions, but I got to sit with Henry and he was giggling the whole time.

At the end of the assembly, Luke and I went up on stage to take a few pictures and to thank the meteorologist for coming to our school and making such a special day happen for us. Luke was pretty excited to say that he'd stepped inside the weather machine!


Thank you again to all of you that voted for our school and helped us win this awesome assembly! The kids loved it so much, and it was so cool to see everything in action! We so appreciate your help, and if any of your schools every try to win - let us know, we'll help you vote! :)

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