Friday, December 2, 2016

One of us is 36!

It's not me, I'm not nearly that old. ;)

I have some December catching up to do, so I thought I'd share all that we've been up to this past month as the year wraps up this week.

December started with Matt turning a year older. The boys and I made him a (gluten free) lasagna for dinner, as well as a(n also gluten free) cake. We celebrated at home with our goodies, and of course the boys had to help him blow out his candles.

All evening, I tried to be sneaky as I packed up our van for an evening out. Even though I knew he'd eventually guess what we were doing, I tried my hardest to prolong Matt's suspicions about what we'd be up to that evening. At the last minute I casually suggested we "go for a drive" and we set out on our secret adventure. We drove the boys and Galli to my mom's house before we set out for our final destination - the Drive-In! We took Luke with us to see the first Fantastic Beasts movie.

I really love going to the drive-in when it's cold! It's equally as fun as the summer months. There's blankets and cocoa and cuddles - it's really fun!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key, but he did get to have some fun with a new video game we got him, and he brewed some beer (with lots of help)

And, because we are party animals, we did some side-by-side reading in the evenings. I know this is maybe lame, and you can't even tell that his hand is under mine in the picture, but its a sneakily captured reminder of how he is my very best friend in the entire world, and celebrating him is as rewarding for me (if not more) than it is for him. We're so lucky to have him. Happy Birthday, lovey.


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