Monday, November 7, 2016

What's New Lately

Hi, all! We have a lot going on at the moment, so I thought I'd write a quick update for everyone!

The biggest thing that seems to be taking up all of our consciousness these days, is the Channel 7 Weather Machine contest. A friend of mine brought it to my attention, so I asked the boys' school's PTA if they had ever tried to win it before. After some conversation, I accidentally signed myself up to run the show - ha! I say it like that, but I honestly don't mind. This school, and the PTA in particular, is so excited, committed and active that it really makes my job easy!

Basically, through voting on a website online, we hope to bring a local meteorologist to our school to host an assembly with his weather machine that mimics actual weather conditions. From what we hear, it's really fun, and would be an amazing experience for the kids, so we are trying everything we've got to win it!

We have been in first place since the contest started, but a school is now gaining on us, and we are fighting SO HARD to keep our lead!


We have been working at it daily at home. We often set up all of the devices we can find and vote together. The boys have really gotten into seeing the numbers climb up and they love helping out their school. It's been a lot of work and focus, but it's been really fun and exciting to be a part of!

In other news, Luke has been going through some new things medically. We made the Gluten Free change a couple months ago (and really, it's more than just GF...we've also given up processed meats, most dairy, and most refined sugars - aside from Halloween, eek.) He's seeing a functional medical doctor now, and she did a couple things that are unique to anything he's done before.


We struggled to get it completed, but he did a thorough stool study in October that we should have the results of soon...possibly this week. It is supposed to give us lots of info that we haven't been able to see before - things like, the composition of enzymes in his digestive tract, and the populations of bacteria in his gut. Things could change for us in an even more restrictive way once we get those results, so prayers for easy, fixable answers would be more than welcomed!

In addition to that test, she put him on a handful of supplements. He's now taking glutamine, vitamin D, fish oil, and probiotics in large quantities, daily. Depending on his stool study, she may add in vitamin C and caprilyc acid, among other options, like different types of enzymes, etc. It's a lot - especially on the bank account. BUT - it seems to be helping!

For the first 3-4 days, the probiotics were really hurting him. He had really bad stomach cramps and felt sort of gross all over. He even left school early twice last week because of it. Shortly after a dose, he'd usually be in and out of the bathroom 5-10 times. The doctor warned us this could happen as the good bacteria flushes out the bad, so it made sense, but we really felt for his pain. The great news, though, is that the good bacteria seems to be winning! It's no longer effecting him as intensely, and we can see with each dose that it's hurting him less and less. His most recent dose had no side effects! So we are hopeful that this regimen is doing great things for him.

He's also seeing his chiropractor (who is big on holistic healing) 1-2 times a week, and that seems to help him for 2-3 days after a visit. He has been trying so many things with Luke to get his body behaving! Our biggest wish right now is that he is feeling great for the holidays. He has been dealing with this round of inflammation since August, stressed through the logistics of wearing a costume with it during Halloween, and we really want him to just be able to enjoy the excitement of Christmas. So, wish us luck, and send us all the positive vibes you've got!

Wellness Night Vendor Show

Also happening in November (actually, this week!) is a Wellness Night vendor show. It's kind of a little kick off to the holiday season (we start early in this family!!) while honoring all things good for you. There's two paint night sessions, door prizes, and even boutique clothing and purses to be had! I'm going to be there, so I just wanted to extend the invitation to you if you hadn't received it yet!

OH! Another invitation. I am offering free photo sessions to family from now until early December. Don't take this as me thinking I'm some sort of professional! I have very limited equipment, and lots and lots to learn, but I LOVE taking pictures, and especially in this gorgeous fall setting we have right now, as well as around anything Christmas! So I thought it would be a nice gift to my friends and family to offer to take photos for them for the holidays.

It can be SO expensive to hire someone! You can use the pictures for Christmas cards, or print them off for gifts, or even just have an updated family photo together for yourselves! If you're interested, let me know - we will keep an eye on the nicer weather days to find a good time for outdoor shots, or we can also head to somewhere indoors that decorates well for Christmas. Here's a sneak peek from the pictures I took for Mallory recently...


Luke LOVES his Coley! Here's something else cute to end with...

I picked this gerbera daisy, the size of Jake's head, out of my mom's landscaping the other day - in November! It's ridiculous, and I love it!


Hope you're all having a blessed November so far!!!
See you all SOON for the holidays!

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