Friday, November 25, 2016

The holidays are happening!

Look out - it's about to get very Christmas up in here.

If you are a scrooge until December 1st, then this blog is not a place you are going to want to be for the next weekish. And my house certainly will not have been a safe space for you starting like, hmm...October 25thish. Sorry! Christmas is my favorite of favorites, and making it last for 2 months is a must over here. My kids agree.

A few posts ago I had mentioned that I'd be setting up at a vendor event, and I made my little boutique-y corner a little cozy Christmas space. It wasn't fancy or gorgeous or anything, but it was sweet and comfy, and I enjoyed spending time in it.


There was also a paint class at the vendor event and we made cute little snowy Christmas houses. Here's mine:


Matt says it looks like the snowman is using wingardium leviosa on the house. Hilaaaaarious. ;)

Last week, Luke had his disguise a turkey project, and he decided to turn him into a Christmas Tree (that's my boy!) We had a lot of fun working on this together and it turned out so cute! Here's the before and after...



So cute, right? He was so proud of it!

Last weekend, with the snow moving in on us and no plans for Saturday evening, we decorated for Christmas. We used to save this tradition for black friday, but inspired by a snowfall last year we decorated a week early, and it was SO NICE to have it all done early. I'm so tired and wiped out on black friday that decorating felt harder and more exhausting by the year. So to have it all ready to just enjoy after busy days of cooking and shopping and visiting family is so nice! So we decided to make it our new tradition.

It took a while to get all of the lights and ribbon on the tree, and the boys could hardly wait to start putting ornaments on. They went through the bins, asking me who each one belonged do. I asked them not to make a huge mess while they sorted through them, so naturally they didn't....


Eye roll.

By the time I was ready to start putting the ornaments ON, they were already over it. The excitement of remembering the ornaments in our collection had already worn off. I did get little bits of help here and there, though - mostly from my cute little middle.



I went around decorating the rest of the house and vacuuming up the surprising amount of needles that fall off of a fake tree before we were able to sit back and enjoy it all. It makes me so happy to have all of it out!

When this posts publishes, I'll be out shopping followed by hours and hours of bingeing the new Gilmore Girls, so I'm not sure when I'll have the time...but next up is Christmas-ing this blog of ours! Stay tuned ;)

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