Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty great. It was our first gluten free Thanksgiving, and I think we did a pretty good job. It's kind of surprising how little had to be changed, and how totally fine it all was since we're so used to being done with gluten. So no complaints on the changes we had to make.

The whole week was a pretty good, albeit a busy one. There was school volunteering, shopping of all kinds, baking, PTA projects, decorating the house - eek! All good things, but it was a little wild.

After school Tuesday, the kids helped me finish our Thanksgiving shopping, and on Wednesday we settled in for a long night of baking. I made roasted nuts, apple pie, and peanut butter pie - all from new gluten free methods. That night, Matt and I were up every few hours trying to catch some special early Black Friday deals (no spoilers), but it was a long night with little sleep.

It turned out pretty decent for being gluten free!
I also used organic palm oil shortening and organic cane sugar.
It was really good!

The next morning I finished up the shopping, watched the Macy's parade while working on a PTA project, and then cooked - and cooked, and cooked, and cooked. Stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, the final layer on the peanut butter pie, Matt's favorite cream cheese celery. I packed it all up, along with jars of cranberry sauce, the makings of gravy, decorations and extra goodies, and we set out for Nana & Papa's house.

We sampled some different wines and ate our little appetizer-y snacks while we waited for dinner to finish cooking, and then we all dove in.



Henry insisted on Matt & Nana sitting at the kid table with him...


...but then of course refused to pose for a picture, so tickling ensued...


Meanwhile, at the adult table that Papa and I shared with Luke and Jake, we were getting down to some serious eating.

See, gluten free Thanksgiving isn't so bad! ;)


I know, the hair - haircuts are scheduled tomorrow ;)

After dinner there was football, Toy Story movies on TV, coffee and dessert, and a gift from Nana. Each year she gets the boys Christmas pj's, usually by Thanksgiving so they can wear them through the Christmas season. They were all sugared up and antsy so it was impossible to get a decent picture, but we tried:



I don't think we could have been more tired when we got home that night. It was a good thing they were all already in their new pj's!

Before bed, I checked in on a few more sales, and then rushed to sleep knowing I would be up extremely early again. I left the house around 5:45am to pick up my sister, and we shopped until 11 or so. Channel 7 was out capturing the crazies, which honestly were long gone by the time we made it to each store.


When we finished shopping, we met up at Mal's house with more friends to marathon the new Gilmore Girls revival. We sat and watched for hours, ate like true Gilmore Girls, and we all saw the 4 words coming from a mile away. (For the record, Team Logan!)

On Saturday, we shared our final Thanksgiving celebration at my Dad & Diane's house. I brought my camera with the best of intentions, but after so many days of shoddy sleep, sprawling to do lists, and weeks worth of food crammed into a few short days, I was too tired to even pick it up. I did, however, manage to capture the star of the show with my phone.


Alas, it was not gluten free, but as far as cheats go...pumpkin bread pudding is worth it.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We hope yours was as fun and delicious as ours was! xo

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