Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Weekend 2016

It's November, and I'm exhausted. The start to fall is always tiring - a good tiring, but tiring - and especially more so since our Jake came along and added plans to our October! The last 10ish days of month have been a whirlwind for the past few years, and I'm sure will be for the foreseeable future. It's all good things, though!

This year, we started our Halloween celebrations with a trip to the drive-in. In celebration of the Fantastic Beasts movie, a bunch of theaters are playing all of the Harry Potter movies, and the drive-in was holding a HP marathon all three nights of the weekend. Friday night was movies 1-3, which tend to be our boys' favorites, so we decided to pack up a dinner and some blankets and spend the night there.


The drive-in was also hosting a costume contest for everyone that came dressed up and took a photo in their snack bar. The boys all got a glow in the dark sucker for participating (which totally made their night), AND - they won!!!! Thank you SO much to everyone who went and liked their picture on the drive-in's Facebook page! Because of you the boys won a $50 gift card for us to spend at the drive-in! They are SO excited!!



That was a super fun night - I'm so glad we got to do that!! We will pretty much do anything for Harry Potter :)

We had some germs come through our house on Saturday, so we spent the majority of the next two days relaxing and not doing much of anything, which was so nice! We could have done without the fevers and post nasal drip, but thankfully we rested them off in time to be ready for Halloween!

On the morning of Halloween, I did my best to pack gluten free and nut-free Halloween lunches with stuff we had at the house. Henry's classroom had such a busy day (a parade, a field trip, and a party!) that they had to eat their lunches in the classroom since they'd miss their time in the cafeteria. He is in an allergy classroom, so all of his food had to be completely peanut and tree nut safe. Even so, I think I did okay! I used gluten free bread, and sunbutter where I would have used peanut butter. I made a version of this for Jake's lunch, too.



After packing lunches, I got Jake dressed in his pilot costume, and we set out for the school parade. We ran into some friends, and had fun watching the kids walk by in their costumes. The principal dressed like Cruella De Ville and most of the the teachers and other staff (including both Luke & Henry's teachers) dressed like dalmations - so cute! Some of them even made collars with their name on a little tag.







When we made it home from the parade, I tried to take a few pictures of Jake...they all turned out with his face practically on fire with light. I swear it didn't look like that when I was taking them, but apparently his face was just a little too overexposed. Oh well, you can still see how cute he was in his costume!



It was shortly after this that I made Jake his Halloween lunch and I inhaled some leftovers before heading back to school to help out at Henry's party. I was manning the craft station and helped all the kids make skeletons out of qtips. The kids also played some Halloween games and made a spider snack out of oreos and pretzels.




After the party, I waited for the boys at dismissal, and then we ran home to take care of some things before trick or treating. We ran Galli to my mom's so she could stay there while we were out, and then we came home and made a pizza and cut up some carrots and celery for dinner. Got to try and sneak in at least a little veggies, haha.

When everything was ready, we layered the kids in pj's and their clothes, packed up their costumes and hats and gloves, and set out for NT to trick or treat with our friends. We had dinner together before we left, and then we went up and down both sides of 2 streets. We didn't travel very far, but the kids made out! They had to dump their buckets a couple times.



Henry had zero patience for pictures at this point, lol




When we made it back to the house, the kids wasted no time dumping out their bags, checking out their loot, and making trades with each other. Sour Skittles seemed to be a crowd favorite for the evening.



The obsession of the moment is candy trading, naturally. And let me just say....a three year old with a bucket of candy is a straight up nightmare. Side effects of an awesome holiday weekend :)

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