Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A season of success

It feels a bit like we're on a personal hot streak right now, and I will take it! It's been far too long for us to have had one of those, and I fully intend to hang onto it as we finish up 2016. This year came in like a lion for sure, and going out like a lamb seems only fair!

Our winning streak started with the boys' win in the costume contest at the drive-in, and continued with another success for our guys - their school won the weather machine contest!!! I didn't want to put our school info on the interwebs, so sorry for the grainy, cropped picture but you can at least see the results of our efforts. That big bar on top? That's us.


It took us 2 weeks of organized hard work, but I loved it. It was fun, exciting, and positive the entire time. The morning we found out that we won, I was scheduled to volunteer at school in the book fair and at the craft center in Henry's classroom. They let me write the portion of the morning announcements that declared our victory, and I was so excited to be there to hear them. It was a really fun morning to be a part of it all! We are now waiting to hear when the assembly will be scheduled, and I will definitely update with pictures when the time comes!

Our next victory? JAKE IS POTTY TRAINED!


He had been interested for a while before abruptly deciding he wanted nothing to do with the potty. I let him just ignore it until his third birthday, and then put him in potty boot camp the first long weekend we had. We used the same 3 day method as the other two boys, and 5 days later, he was done with diapers forever! (It did take Luke 3 days, but it took Henry 11! So 5 is pretty good!)

He is still working towards a little more independence with it, but he hasn't had an accident or diaper in two weeks, so it's all good. And it feels weird to be done with diapers for the first time in nearly 8 years! It's really awesome to not be spending money on that any more!

Our next sort-of win is also potty related - ha.

We got the results of Luke's stool study. Thankfully, he has no infections or overgrowth of the big and nasty bacteria (like cdiff, candida, giardia) but he does have some unnamed bacterial infection going on, and it's due to the fact that - they found no trace of good bacteria in his gut. No trace!

It's likely a combination of 3 things: he was a c-section baby, he only nursed for 3 months, and he had antibiotics in his first year. All of those things lead to bad gut population, and with all of his struggles, it just became a breeding ground for the bad guys. It explains a lot. Possibly why every single round of blood work and actual biopsy of his digestive system have come back negative for a specific disease. It's likely just that his gut is always vulnerable and unable to handle anything that comes at it. So that's what we're working on next with him - making his gut a happy place.

It just feels good to have something specific to focus on for the moment. It's been a long three years of trying everything and getting no where!

One last win, and mostly because this picture is so cute.


Jake had his 3 year check up a couple weeks ago, and success of all successes - he is no longer a terrified, sobbing maniac at the office! Even at his last one, at 2.5, he threw an epic tantrum about being weighed and measured - before anyone even tried to touch him. This time was such a happy surprise! He was such a good boy - he did everything they asked, answered questions, even giggled with the nurses. He loved his gown, too - haha! He said he as a cozy blanket.

He's a big guy, too. He was in the 73%tile for weight and 89th%tile for height!

Anyway, it's been exciting, happy and hopeful around here lately, and with the holidays picking up speed in a few days, I'm so excited to keep it going and share it with all of you! I wish a hot streak on all of you, too! xo

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