Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jakob is 3!

Somehow, three years has gone by in about 5 minutes. Jake's baby years flew by faster than time has ever gone before, and he's now on his way to full-fledged preschoolerhood. The longer I'm a mom, the less time makes sense.

We all had fun celebrating our littlest guy this past week, though!

His birthday party was last Saturday, and as is my usual plan for the boys' 2nd & 3rd birthdays, it was just a little gathering of Grandparents and aunts & uncles at home. I'd hoped that with our warmer fall so far, we could spend some time outside with a fire, so we themed it around a fall harvest. It was super cold and windy, though, so we decided to keep it indoors.

I tried to keep the food and snacks fall-themed, gluten free, somewhat kid-friendly, and still good enough for party guests to want to eat...a tricky process, but I think we pulled it off!




Within minutes of the gifts being piled together, Jake was parked in front of them and repeatedly saying to me, "tell me when to go, Mom!" in anticipation of opening them. So as soon as everyone had a chance to eat, we skipped right to gifts.




It's hard to capture his excitement and the actual gifts when all the other little ones swarm in, as is kid party tradition, but you get the idea. He was excited and thrilled with every single thing! Even when he opened some clothes (which you know, isn't always the most exciting for little boys) he exclaimed, "Look, Mom! New dressed!" (He calls clothes dressed because we're always saying, "let's get dressed!" and he thinks it means we're going to physically get the things called dressed. So cute.)

After presents, it was time for cake. Please at least pretend to ignore the cake crumbs showing through the frosting! I fought with that cake hard the morning of his was an intense 45 minute battle of cake crumbs and scraping every last ounce of frosting out of the can, followed by hiding the mess with whatever fall-themed edible decorations I could find.

Luke (my cake connoisseur and celebration enthusiast) exclaimed that it was the "best cake he's ever seen," but after 2 months of eating gluten free and skipping dessert almost every night, you'd say that, too. ;)


The truth is, I'm not very good at cake...but I keep trying, anyway!



For the rest of the afternoon, we just relaxed and watch Jake rotate between each of his new toys. Everyone really nailed his favorites - he is so crazy about all of his new toys!

On Tuesday, his actual birthday, we weren't really sure what we planned to do. My maybe-allegies turned into a full-blow cold sometime on Sunday, and by Tuesday morning I was so tired and wiped out that I really wasn't sure what to do with him. We ended up settling on getting some lunch and birthday treats at Tim Horton's, and then took a quick trip around Target. I had to grab a couple things, but then I let him run wild in the Halloweenmas area (since Target is now mixing Halloween costumes with Christmas lights and an entire aisle of Christmas cards.) He was happy just pushing the buttons on the light displays and picking up every single thing with a pumpkin on it.

The afternoon was basically just the usual to do list - picking the boys up from school, cleaning up the living room, making dinner. But by the evening, we were back to celebrating. Matt and the boys picked out an ice cream cake from Nina's (which was amazing!) and then we gave Jake his presents from us.









By present time, he had half changed into pj's and decided to wear his Halloween costume hat around (shocking, I know, but he's going to be a pilot) so he was looking typically 3.

We got him 2 big airplanes - one that stores smaller airplanes, and another that lights up and drives itself around the house. But what he ended up playing with all night, and immediately started playing with when he woke up in the morning, was the little diecast Southwest airplane we got him. If Southwest ever needs a new spokesperson, I know someone who would knock it out of the park ;)

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