Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Girls Trip to Disney!

Last weekend, I went on a quick trip to Disney World with my oldest group of friends (and my mom!) Lynne & Cheri are the friends that my sister, Mallory and I grew up with in NT. They have been around so long, and through so many milestones, that they are basically just extensions of our family.

This trip came about when I was feeling stir crazy last winter and wanted a trip just to myself. I felt desperate for a break, though of course, while I was gone I was missing everyone so much that I couldn't believe I'd left!

Even so, we got to do SO much, and had so many laughs along the way. Here are some pictures from the highlights of our trip...

We stayed in the Aruba area of Caribbean Beach Resort, which if you can tell from the pictures was gorgeous! It was quiet and beautiful, and we felt like we had our own little area of the Caribbean to ourselves. It was awesome to wake up to every morning.

We spent almost a full day in Magic Kingdom, a couple hours in Hollywood Studios, and a full day in Epcot. It was HOT, and pretty busy, and we got stuck in rain twice...but it was awesome to do and see as much of Disney as we did, and to all finally be on vacation together!

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