Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apple Picking Take 2!

Because of our diet changes recently, we've been going through a ton of produce and apples are no exception! We flew through our first round of apple picking supply in no time, so we figured we would try a new orchard since it was still apple season.

We decided to give Smith's Orchard in Pendleton a try, and we really liked it! Their cider (which they make fresh on site and if you happen to be there during a batch, you can grab a sample) is SO GOOD! We went home with a gallon of that, too.

The trees at this farm had pretty small apples, but there were SO MANY! Some of the trees looked like they were falling over with the weight of them all, it was crazy. The nice thing was that since we were a few weeks later in the season, we were able to pick different varieties than our first time picking, and the trees for those types were fully loaded. And of course, Henry took full advantage of every climbable tree ;)



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