Monday, September 26, 2016

September Gratitude (Favorites + Blessings)

Sometimes, it's a good, good thing to step back from the big stuff in live, and just look at all the little goodies you have to be grateful for! I have so much good happening right now, and to spur this feeling onward, here's my list of all the little (and even big-little) things I am so endlessly grateful for right now.

Vera Bradley Blankets
In April, on our trip to Florida, I frequented the Vera Bradley outlet store and drooled over their soft and beautiful throw blankets. I ultimately decided against getting one, because I wanted a tote more, and wasn't sure how I'd fit it all in my suitcase home. For my birthday last month, my mother in law gave me one of the blankets that she sneakily went back and got for me (in our wedding colors), and I was SO excited! My kids and I have been calling it my magic blankey, because it is SO soft, and the way you feel under it is so amazing. You just instantly relax, and it puts me to sleep so fast. I have unexpectedly passed out beneath it many times lately, without ever getting under the sheets or deciding it was time to go to sleep. And of course, I'm now keeping my eye out for new patterns...must have all the magic blankies!

Essie's Now and ZenEssie's kimono-over

New Bottles of Essie
On a recent trip to Target, birthday money in hand, I decided to treat myself to a couple of new bottles of Essie in of their 2016 Fall colors. I went with now and zen, which is a perfect fall grey, and kimono-over, which is a deep plum-y purple. The smooth way a new bottle of polish goes on, how quickly it dries, and how long it holds without a chip is totally woo-ing me right now.

Manifestation Gurus
I struggled with improving my life for too long before I finally decided to focus on my study of manifestation. There are so many resources out there (I hope to share many of them soon), and I swear each of these people are little glimmers of light set on this earth to help us all feel the love we were meant to feel. I think about the people in my life (both close and distant) that have guided me lately, and I feel so much warmth. Find the manifesting masters - you won't regret it.

Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom

Disney World
I know this sounds so material and silly for an adult and all, but I love having Disney in my life. To have knowledge in a subject that is all just excitement and fun is cool, and having a trip booked (even when it's far away) is a comfort. A knowing of some huge memories coming your way. Laughter and pictures and inside jokes. Disney reminds you of the good stuff in being a kid. I could kiss Walt for that!

Lately, Pandora has been in the background of my life. Depending on my mood, I'm either listening to Yoga Sancutary, Nature Sounds, Top Hits, Hits from the early 00's, or Holiday music. Whatever my mood, whatever motivation I need, Pandora has been there. Loving it so much!

I had such a pull towards Yoga, for years, and I thought I needed it for different reasons than I actually do. Since coming to yoga, I've been given and blessed with so many other things, and each week, it brings me right back to that state. I love it, and I love my instructor, and I hope it is a part of my life, always.

My wild ones in our private woods

Fall Is Coming
For whatever reason, my desperation for the arrival of Fall has been really subdued this year. I've relished the feeling of Summer, and really haven't wanted to let it go. It's kind of nice, actually, to just be in the moment for a change! Even so, Fall's slow incoming is exciting, and a new atmosphere of celebration and enjoyment is setting in. It's beautiful, and so is life.

What are you endlessly grateful for right now?
The tiniest glimmer of light counts.

Gratitude Celebration September

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