Friday, August 5, 2016

Need A Summer Refresh? Here's 3 Simple DIYs To Declutter & Repurpose Your Old Jeans

Give your old jeans new life with these 3 simple & pretty DIYs!
Let's be real about something - we all have maybe 3 pairs of jeans we wear on rotation, right? 

When we wear a pair to its grave, maybe we get a new one, or we even stock up when there's a sale. But jeans have that awesome, worn-in, personalized feel to them, and we always end up playing favorites.

So if you're anything like me, this means that you've got a stack of jeans you're hanging onto and barely use. Either because you've loved them well past their prime, or because you're too busy playing favorites to realize you have other options.

3 Easy DIYs for Old Jeans

It doesn't make us happy to have too much clutter.

I'm saying that as someone who always likes to be over-prepared, has enough craft supplies to fill a Joann's and that packs 10 outfits for vacation when I only need 2. I like to have options and backups and emergency stocks. But, um, 20 pairs of old jeans is doing nothing for nobody. So let's play with those old friends and make our wardrobes a little happier, yes?

Here are three simple ways to play with those misfit jeans and make them part of your wardrobe staples!

The Lace Patch
A simple, girly project perfect for a pair of jeans you loved until you wore a hole in the knee.

the lace patch jeans

1. Find some lace. This is where thrifting & garage sale-ing comes in handy! My lace was cut from a huge lace curtain that I have been using for countless projects.
2. Cut a square of lace that's slightly bigger than the hole you're patching.
3. Pick some thread or floss - you can try to match the lace or the jeans, or pick a fun color for extra detail.
4. Attach the lace in whatever stitch you love. Here's a little resource to help you pick one. (I used a simple back stitch for mine, and as you can see, I was not a perfectionist about it - haha.)

lace patch

PS -- leave your lace patch a little bit loose & forgiving. Remember that if you're patching a knee, it was already an area that was stressed to the breaking point, and you're filling it with a delicate material that could pop when you bend your knees. SO, it looks loose above, but it's because it looks like THIS when you bend your knees. ;)

Bonus: To kind of tie it all together, I cut a heart shape in the back pocket on the opposite leg from the knee patch. I patched this heart-shaped-hole the same way as the knee - super cute!

heart patch

The Simple Cuff Short
I've seen this style of short all over the place this summer, and my wardrobe was missing a pair!

simple cuff shorts

1. Cut off the legs of a pair of jeans, about 4 inches longer than you want the end-length to be.
2. Fold about a 1.5-inch hem of jean upward, and iron.
3. Fold this hem up again, and re-iron.

iron the cuff seams in place

4. Using a thread or floss of your choice, tack the inner and outer sides of the cuffs to the shorts. I used an X shape for mine, but you could also just do a straight line, or a pair of straight lines.

The Lace Cut-Out Short
This one is the most tricky, but was super fun, and I love the result! It's a good one for re-purposing skinny jeans as the thigh is pretty tight before opening up the side-seams. 

lace cut-out shorts

1. Cut your jeans down to the size you'd like them. Leave them about 1 inch longer to allow for a hem.
2. Using a seam ripper, undo the outer side seam about half-way to 3/4 of the way up the side.
3. Lay the shorts down on side, opening the new ripped seam into a triangle shape. 
4. Cut a triangle shaped piece of lace, slightly bigger than the opening on the leg of the shorts.
5. Pin the lace in place on the inside of the seam opening.

lace side cut-out

6. Sew around the edge of the opening with your machine, attaching the lace, and back-stitching at each end and across the top (or tip) of the triangle to keep the lace from tearing.
7. Trim the excess lace as needed.
8. Repeat on the other leg.
9. Turn the raw edges of the short legs inward about a 1/2 inch, and iron.
10. Carefully sew along the hem.

And voila! Three pairs of jeans - uncluttered from the abyss of my dresser, now refreshing my summer wardrobe. It's simple, but it makes me happy!

Which one do you want to try? :)


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