Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Millennial Interests Can Inspire Happiness

Technology is gold
From an early age, technology has been something we rely on. Millennials are often called early adopters for this reason. Many criticize the amount we use it, however, technology has allowed us to live happier and more efficient lives. People can look at reviews of activities or places, engage in communities and stay aware of news in a click of a button. Moreover, technology easily lets us connect with people and support causes we care about.

How technology can cultivate happiness

Let’s talk convenience. Technology has become much more user friendly over time. Amazon allows us to order anything to our doorstep within 2 days. Uber gives us the ability to go anywhere at any time. Seamless delivers food to your doorstep. These apps and platforms have simplified our lives, and overall, has made us much happier! I don’t know about you, but I love not having to leave my couch for small errands! We can manage our time better and increase our productivity.

Let’s talk quality. We rely on reviews and seek opinions of others. We don’t make major decisions until we have discussed it with people we trust. What does this lead to? A better quality purchase and a happier consumer. I use Yelp to see if an expensive restaurant is worth going to. Moreover, we like to collaborate with the brands we buy from to make them better. This is done through social media. All in all, millennials have a positive and community-engaged mindset.

Millennials have a sense of adventure that increases cultural knowledge and acceptance

Millennials desire to travel to every country, much more than non-millennials do. Having this open mind to travel where ever and whenever adds to our cultural knowledge. A person who travels usually feels more fulfilled in life, which equates to a greater happiness level. Personally, I’ve travelled to Australia, Italy, France, Thailand, Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, St. Lucia…and I’m only 21. Every place I go, I meet new people and embrace new, exciting adventures. Millennials are also risk takers. Pursuing dangerous activities such as skydiving or bungee jumping produces adrenaline, which makes a person highly excitable!

Our values
I’m very value driven and believe our voice matters. In general, knowing that you have an impact in other people’s decisions makes for a happier life. YOU are part of something. Even in our day to day, millennials make an effort to buy products from companies that support their causes (like TOMS or Warby Parker glasses). Our generation cares about sustainability and organic produce more than previous generations. This gives us a better and healthier lifestyle overall.

Mutitasking Millennials get stuff done!

We multitask a lot. Technology has made this possible. We can do multiple things at one time, which gives us an opportunity to explore new passions and activities. For example, I’m passionate in investing, running, cooking, marketing, traveling, design, etc. Many people now have a job, a side job and a hobby. How does this make us happy? We are NEVER bored! Keeping a full schedule keeps life moving fast. Plus, maybe one day that side job (maybe a store on Etsy) turns into your full-time job.

Another way our lifestyle runs is through expressing gratitude. Many don’t believe we do this enough since our heads are buried in our phones. This is not true. Millennials want to impact other lives, and the best way to do that is spreading joy and being helpful. Not only does it make the gratitude receiver feel good, but it also makes the gratitude giver happier. Giving a compliment or making a connection also expands our network, and we are all about making our friend circle as BIG as possible!

Exercise is Key
It is ingrained in my daily routine. The amount of different ways one can exercise has increased vastly. Hot yoga, zumba, kickboxing, bootcamps, Insanity workout, bicycling underwater, home gyms…we have endless possibilities. This is a key part to our lifestyle. It opens and clears minds. Moreover, it allows us to eat more food! And yes, we will eat any food that is a trend, like the rainbow bagel or sushi burrito. Exercise has proven to produce a happier and healthier lifestyle overall.

Millennials' interest in trendy forms of exercises makes us healthy in new, unique ways

Overcoming challenges also makes one feel more fulfilled and happy. The millennial generation is the most college educated. We push ourselves not only at work and school, but creatively as well. In the digital age, we have so many different outlets where we can establish ourselves: YouTube, Instagram, or blogs. This is where we can be ourselves and maybe even become known for a certain category such as fashion or fitness. In order to be completely focused though, one must be in the present. Focusing on RIGHT NOW is what will make someone excel. Worrying about the past or future will do nothing.

Overall, we may be technology obsessed or job hoppers or spoiled, but our lifestyle is a freaking awesome one. Work life balance is reasonable to demand. Travelling makes us more cultured. All in all, we have a reason for everything we do or plan to do.

Post by: Erica Amatori
Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter: @ericaamatori

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  2. Great points Erica! I especially agree with the "quality" point. I don't think I've purchased anything in the last five years that I didn't read at least 10 online reviews first! (And I'm not even a Millineal LOL)