Friday, July 8, 2016

What's In My Summer Bag: Which essentials you can't forget!

How's your summer going?

Ours? Pretty fantastic so far. We've been playing, partying, vacationing and visiting and loving every warm, sunshiney moment of it! I wish this was the normal tone of our lives. Alas, kids need educating. ;)

What to put in your Summer Bag

So, remember those three things I told you we made to help us with our summer plans? They are paying off big time, so I thought it would be helpful to show you some detail. Our best friend these past few weeks has been our summer bag. It goes everywhere we go, and it never lets us down!

This thing has saved our behinds so many times already! Need something to do the same for you?

Here's what we keep ours stocked with...

Packing your summer bag supplies in gallon baggies keeps them clean, dry and organized

For starters, I put little collections of things into big gallon baggies to help keep us organized. Not only does it keep our supplies clean and dry, but it keeps our bag from becoming a chaotic, unorganized mess. Can you imagine if we just threw all of our supplies into this big open bag? It only has a small front pocket on the outside, so there is no way to keep things straight without using this system. It's perfect, though, because we can easily see what we have and what needs replenishing.

Bag #1

Summer Bag Essentials from the bathroom

1. Towels for wiping down playground slides and swings. 2. Bug spray - you'd be surprised how often this comes in handy during the day! 3. Chapstick, because I can't leave home without it. 4. A comb for messy little ones if they've been swimming, sweating or doing anything that got their hair wet. 5. Ibuprofen, for Mommy purposes. No one wants to cut fun short because of a headache or cramps, amiright? 6. Sunscreen, of course.

Bag #2

Summer Bag Essentials when for babies and toddlers

1. This is a snack sized baggie that's holding a few different sizes of bandaids, tampons, and pantyliners. I so desperately want to make a joke about the mutual job these things do but I will restrain myself (barely.) But, ya know, no one wants to find themselves without these. 2. Dog poo bags. Yep. If you have a dog it's a no-brainer as to why you should have these, but they also make great transporting for dirty diapers or garbage bags for a picnic lunch. Keep a rubber band around the roll to keep them neat. 3. Wipes. These are useful even if you don't have anyone in diapers. 4. Travel tissues, because it's a 5 alarm emergency if someone needs to wipe their nose. 5. Hand sanitizer for use between dirty playgrounds and picnic lunches. 6. Diapers, because we have a toddler.

Bag #3

Arts & Crafts supplies to keep in your summer bag

1. Our summer journal! We always have it on hand for impromptu memory keeping. 2. This envelope is full of stickers. These not only serve as journal supplies, but also something to keep little guys occupied when needed. 3. Pencil sharpener. 4. Crayon roll with crayons. 5. Pencils with erasers. 6. Scissors (kid for traveling around with.) 7. Glue stick. 8. Tape.


A few toys to keep in your summer bag

1. Bubbles - enough for each kid to have a bottle. I keep them in a baggie so that when they inevitably get disgusting or don't get closed well enough, they won't mess up the entire bag. 2. Play binoculars. Whenever we're visiting somewhere in nature, the kids love to pull these out and look around. 

Some other ideas if your kids are interested: a jump rope, a small ball, sidewalk chalk, and small cars or trucks.

Keeping all of your summer bag supplies neat, dry and organized with gallon baggies

These bags stay in our big summer bag at all times, and when I know I've used a diaper or a band-aid, I fill it back up as soon as we get home so we don't forget. Before we take it on the road with us, I throw in some snacks, filled ice-water filled thermoses, and everyone's sunglasses. Depending on where we're going, I might also throw a picnic lunch in it and grab a blanket that I rest through the handles. It's so nice to have one bag for everything we need, and to be prepared for almost anything that comes up!


Did I forget anything crucial? Let me know if you think of anything else we need to keep with us!

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