Monday, July 4, 2016

Savoring The Magic of Summer (Happy 4th!)

I hope that wherever you are today, each moment of it is filled with fun, family, love, and sunshine.

I'm not even referring to our history and patriotic roots when I say this, but isn't this day just the most summery of all summer days here in America?

Savor your 4th, and have the happiest one ever

We're all holding onto sweet memories of backyard BBQ's, running through sprinklers, popsicle juice dripping down our arms, and the awe of a fireworks show past our bedtimes. And really, how awesome are those things? We're so, so lucky.

It's such a delicate thing, summer - especially here in Buffalo. We have these three months of gorgeous weather and we try to fit a whole life into them. At the same time, we all want to recapture the summers of our youth in the laziest of ways - sleeping in, not getting dressed, lying around with the TV and a fan, sipping countless cans of pop and not gaining an ounce. It's hard to find balance and just enjoy.

Savoring the magic of summer

We're trying a few things around here...setting ourselves up for success, staying hydrated, and reading every single day. Some days are harder to stay on task than others, but the main thread through all of it is to make sure that we are present, intentional, and lighthearted.

Last year, when I realized the days were flying by without much notice, I decided to step back, unplug, and try harder. I'm hoping to maintain our balance enough to not need to do that this year. So far, so good. Here's a secret - in June, I stockpiled my posts through July 15th knowing that I could buy myself a month of staying off the computer and use it to be fully present in all of our start of summer celebrations. So, hello from June 20th. ;)

Jump for (en)joy!

I'm trying so hard to just ENJOY!

I just wanted to take a second today to really think about the magic and blessing that summer is to each one of us. When the air is warm and breezy, I'm always reminded of a journal entry I wrote in 2007.
"There's something about the last few days of June that never quite "sink in" to me. I can't visualize June 23rd as a day the way I can clearly see nearly any other date on the calendar. I wonder if, in my childhood, I glamorized summer days so much that they seem like moments in a movie or pages in a novel. It's like they don't exist the same way other seasons do. They contain things like weddings, vacations, parties and carefree attitudes. It's when we laugh and drink and sleep on the sand under the stars. Is that why they feel more like pieces of my imagination rather than actual days of the year?"

Know what I mean? It's like we're all away at Hogwarts. I feel you, 22 year old me.

How great is it to live the magical life of beaches, playgrounds, and campfires? I hope your days are full of them right now. Happy 4th!

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