Friday, July 1, 2016

Matilda Jane Happy & Free: My Women's Favorites

Matilda Jane Clothing Happy and Free Women's Favorites Hands up, MJC fans - let's chat Happy & Free now that it's basically behind us, shall we?

Remember that pretty first release Jane Parade I did? The fun I had doing that was just...ridiculous. I wish I could have continued that fun through each release, but my lovely TK had to make some smart choices for her family and retire, and my lack of daughters kept me from attempting to fill her shoes.

But that doesn't mean I stopped shopping! 

So let's take a look at what I grabbed from the women's line of this pretty-pretty (SO ME) collection.

PS - Their end of season sale just happened, and all of the sale pieces either sold out or were pulled for Good Luck Trunk later this month. So even if they're not available right now, they may be later! Keep your eye on :)

Marzipan Rose Dress

Matilda Jane Marzipan Rose Dress IRL

This dress may very well be the piece from all of Happy & Free.
It is so ME...the florals, the colors, the cut - it's perfect. I will
love this dress forever & ever, seriously. I was wearing the sample
in this photo and sized down to small when I purchased. 

Wearing: M | $74 | Available in all Sizes 

Honeyed Elegance Dress

Matilda Jane Honeyed Elegance Dress IRL

This is the perfect warm weather occasion dress! I wore it recently
for preschool graduation and it was a hot day! I still felt cool, light
and girly. It's SO comfortable to wear! This sample was also a M and
I sized down to small and had to tighten the straps so I'd say it runs
very slightly large. There is a smocked elastic back and adjustable
ribbon straps, though, so keep that in mind if you want it!

Wearing: M | $84 | No longer available :(

Bewitching Tidbit Top

Matilda Jane Bewitching Tidbit Top in Small

Easily one of my favorite tops of all time! Florals + Stripes? Yeah,
sign me up for all time. It's so cozy, so colorful, and perfectly long.

Wearing: Small | $42 | No longer available :(

Seven Seas Dress

Matilda Jane Seven Seas Dress in Small IRL

Such a perfect everyday summer dress!
I call it my Alice in Wonderland dress - it's so fun, light, and pretty!

 Wearing: Small | $68 | No longer available :(

Explorer Tank

Matilda Jane Explorer Tank in Small IRL

I almost missed out on this! I knew that I had to have the bag
(coming up next) from the same release and I couldn't justify
spending so much. When they sold out in less than a day, I felt like
I made the worst decision ever! Thankfully the sample was in my
size, and I got the hookup (and it ended up being cheaper than if I'd
gotten it on release day, so score!) I love the detail of the pretty pink
bow in the back, and the incredible length all around! It does feel a
little big and I may have been able to do an XS had I jumped in on
release day, but I'm hoping a run through the laundry will make it perf!

Wearing: Small | $38 | Available in M - XL

Weekender Bag

Matilda Jane Weekender Bag IRL

Even though I knew this bag was going to be really big, I was still shocked
when I took it out of the box! My 7 year old started climbing into it and
laughing at how huge it is. It's going to go on all of my adventures from 
|here on out, and the fabrics are so, so incredibly perfect for me!
I love it SO much!

OS | $72 | No longer available :(

Dream Puff Tunic

Matilda Jane Dream Puff Tunic in XS IRL

I tried so hard to love this top! I should have been perfect, but
something about the weight of the fabric made it hang so oddly.
I still think it would look perfect on the right person!

Wearing: XS | $46 | No longer available :(

Still Want: Blue Raspberry Tee

Matilda Jane Blue Raspberry Tee

How is this not yet in my closet?? I think the timing was just never quite right,
but I absolutely need it! I'm trying to decide on a size...the one in the picture is
a medium, and it looks like a good fit, but I usually wear MJ's tops in a small,
so I may need to try this on again. Either way, I will find it! It's SO soft and flowy.
I have Fall version's of this top called the Meg Tee and it's incredibly comfy.

Wearing: M | $42 | Available in all sizes

Still Want: Macaron Dress

Matilda Jane Macaron Dress

I never got to try this one on (so I have no photo), and it's probably a good thing. 
I went a little nuts on the floral dresses this season, so I held back. Truthfully, I
don't need it, but every time I see it I wish I had it! It's sold out in my size, too, so
 I will probably keep my eyes peeled for it when it's on resale someday.

$74 | No longer available :(

What were your favorites from this release? Anything you regret not getting?? This was a GORGEOUS line, and despite a few little mistakes (what even was that Ginger top??) I was so in love with all of it. I can't wait to see what fall brings us!

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