Friday, July 29, 2016

21 Ways To Be Happy This Weekend!

21 Ways To Be Happy in Summer We are in the depths of Summer right now, and I am enjoying it so much. I know I will love and embrace Autumn when it shows up, but at the moment I kind of always want it to be July.

It's a beautiful, warm and sunny Friday morning here in the Buffalo area, and as I'm sitting on my patio swing, I'm thinking of all the great ways we can enjoy the moment this weekend.

Here's a few things I've come up with:

Need some ideas for how to spend the perfect summer weekend? Here are 21 great, happy ideas!

  • Practice a simple morning meditation.

    Morning sunlight

    Don't worry - you don't have to sit cross-legged and chant.

    Try this: sit in a comfortable spot outside and scan your surroundings. Take note of every color, every beautiful thing. Then, close your eyes, and use your senses of smell, hearing, and touch to make note of everything else. The birds singing, the dewy grass, the breeze on your skin. Take some deep breaths. You meditated! ;)

  • Read something fun.

    Here's a list of awesome summery YA romances I read last year, and so far this year I really enjoyed Summer Days & Summer Nights and The Unexpected Everything.

    I'm also REALLY enjoying One More Thing by B.J. Novak right now, if his humor is your thing. (It's totally mine.)

  • The Unexpected Everything

  • Or Read something self-motivating.

    You can't go wrong with The Desire Map, or anything by Gretchen Rubin. Check out my Book Club page for other ideas.

  • Try to find some HappiRocks.

    It's in the name, right? Beauty meets mystery and the outdoors. Yes!

  • Give Savasana a shot.

    You'll love it, I swear. My post about it (In defense of corpse pose) explains what it is, and at the bottom there's a recording of my yoga instructor walking you through it. It'll be the best 10 minutes of your weekend!

  • Bake something summery from scratch.

    Like Strawberry Shortcake, or Lemon Slush Cake (I don't put walnuts in mine.) Bonus points if you bring the family around to chat and enjoy in a "dessert before dinner" fashion.

  • Snuggle someone & relish the moment. Cats count.

  • Snuggle

  • Go for a walk at dusk and catch a sunset.

  • Evening sunset at UB bike path

  • You can Geocache or play Pokemon Go to motivate your kids to walk!

  • Go out for ice cream. Get the sprinkles.

  • Get the sprinkles!

  • Diffuse some oils. Orange has been our favorite lately.

  • Holan Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Pick or buy some flowers for your table.

  • Backyard tiger lillies & wild roses

  • Organize a simple craft or game night with your friends.

  • Brew some sun tea in your backyard.

  • watermelon mint sun tea

    Mine has some watermelon chunks & fresh mint in it! :)

  • Blast some music.

    I am really crazy about Britney's new song Make Me, and I've also been loving: Gold by Kiiara, Never Be Like You by Flume, Lost Boy by Ruth B, Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya, Send My Love by Adele & Heathens by twenty one pilots. (the last one is my boys' favorite right now)

  • Breathe deep outside.

    I mean, have you smelled it out there, lately?

  • Take a moment to appreciate a smile on your loved one's faces.

    It's simple, and takes seconds, but the impact is huge for me.

  • Hand out a random compliment.

  • Get something out of the way.

    For some, the nagging feeling of something needing to be done can decrease happiness. So set a timer and tackle the laundry mountain, clean the basement, get school supply shopping over with. And then....

  • Pamper Yourself.

    Paint your nails and toenails. Take a shower, light a candle, put on some Debussy (I use YouTube on my phone) and crawl into your coziest outfit. Being summer, that's usually pj shorts & a tank for me :)

  • Choose happy.

Have a beautiful weekend, and BE HAPPY! xo

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  1. Love!!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Jenn what a great post! It made me so happy to read it. I just love all your pictures and great ideas. Thanks for the book recommendations too....and now I am craving a soft serve ice cream with sprinkles! The joys of summer! :D

    1. Aw, thanks Lisa! Enjoy your weekend!! xo