Friday, June 17, 2016

What It Means To Bloom

For as long as I can remember, I've lived life in some form of survival mode.

Have you noticed yourself (during different seasons), having to find distractions and metaphoric mile markers to keep you moving through things that felt difficult or stressful? I sure have.

When we lived in Charlotte, hundreds of miles away from home, it was the materialistic joys of our lifestyle that kept me afloat. And like most moms can relate to, I often had to (and still have to) tell myself to just get through this school week or that birthday party or this vacation and then I'll catch a break.

It's a normal way of dealing with the busy nature of life, I think, but after a while it can start to feel a bit weighty and sad. Maybe also monotonous, unfair, and exhausting.

What It Means To Bloom: exploring a beautiful core desired feeling that women and moms everywhere share

Part of my "dark days" struggle earlier this year was heavily rooted in this idea. Who was I other than the fall girl for wiping butts, picking up the same ten toys, and driving the family van?

(Can I get an amen?)

I started my quest to a better life with podcasts and books that lifted me up and showed me some better ways to view the world. Of all the methods and ideas out there, I would most highly recommend giving The Desire Map a try. I was irrevocably changed be the experience - if only to fall in love with a small set of words and a new way to convince myself of a goal worth setting.

The first of my core words is Bloom (you can read about what a Core Desired Feeling is on my review), and I consider it to be the biggest, best, and most important of my words.


I love saying it. Before I settled on it I tossed around words like Grow, Intentional, Confident, and Brave. But as wonderful as those words are, nothing felt as beautiful and all-encompassing as Bloom. 

Doesn't it just sound like a gorgeous pursuit? Who couldn't benefit from a bit of blooming?

Bloom like a June peony

I am, of course, attracted to the literal meaning - if you know me even a little bit, you'll see that my love of flowers and florals certainly gives me a bias to choosing this specific word. But bloom is so much bigger than petals and color (as much as I adore them.) Telling myself to Bloom is something I do on a daily basis. It's a one-word motto for much longer than a month or a year - it's a constant, positive mantra to be more than just a person that takes care of the functions of life. It's a demand I make of myself to be more

To be more brave, more daring, more myself, more true, more giving, more risky, more beautiful, more selective, and more experienced. To come to life in the most true, beautiful way.

Sometimes it means going to Yoga class even when I'm positive I have no good looking workout clothes and I'm horrible at chair pose. Sometimes it means reaching out and taking steps to make a friend even when you're not sure if they want to be your friend in return. Sometimes it means listening to podcasts about happiness while pursuing a craft, or deciding that you're finally going to travel down a scary big-dreams path. It even means giving up your PTA job in exchange for a simpler one so you have more breathing room to become something amazing.

Bloom like lilacs in a sunbeam

To Bloom means to be who you are - to fight for it even when you're bogged down by obligations, or when you fear that you are less than others. It means to be proud of your unique personality and abilities, to fight for your dreams, and to step out of your comfort zone. It means to work on yourself a little every day - to polish your edges, saturate your colors, and refine what you represents you.

To Bloom is to be exactly as you were intended to be - whatever that means for you.

We're all a little scared, and we each fail a little bit each day. Remember that as you cut the strings that hold you back from your ability to bloom.

And while you're at it?

Keep a bouquet in your house at all times to have a striking reminder of what it is you should be doing for your soul. Bloom just a little bit, each and every day.


  1. I'm currently trying to do some blooming myself. Sometimes I feel discouraged because of how scary it is to puch myself out of my comfort zone and be the best version of myself. "Bloom just a little bit, each and every day." Thank you for this little reminder.

    1. I totally understand. I swear that every other day I switch between feeling inspired and brave and terrified and insecure. Telling myself to Bloom is like a combination of being brave and becoming beautiful - there's something about that concept that motivates me more than just telling myself to be brave. Thank you for reading!! <3