Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LulaNOPE: Part 2

Update 8/7/17: This post (and the original LuLaNOPE one that came before it) are simply poking fun at some of the outlandish patterns currently out there in the network marketed clothing world. For more on how I feel about the selling tactics of these companies, here's a new post on MLM ethics: Clothes, MLMs & Those Ugly Leggings


LulaNope Part 2 - The Not Tonight Dress & other LulaRoe Mistakes As I shared recently, I consider myself to be LulaConfused.

I am absolutely obsessed with the feel of LulaRoe leggings, but I have yet to be sold on any other pieces. I actually adore the look of the Perfect & Randy Tees, as well as the Amelia dresses, but because of their price points I usually end up feeling like.....eeeeehhhhhh, I'll be in Target in a few days and likely fall way harder for something there.

And then there's the prints.

The prints, guys.

I still don't get the hype. Exhibit A:

LulaRoe Poo Whales

Poo Whales? If you wanted to sell us some poo-shaped whales, could you have at least made them in a color scheme that makes sense? Or that would match......anything?

Why, why, why?

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that the people in charge of designing their fabrics didn't go to school for graphic design. If they had, they might have learned what giraffe print means.

(Psst, it's not actual giraffe heads.)

LulaRoe Giraffe Head Print

Perhaps they were eating at an Italian restaurant when they designed this beauty?

LulaRoe Italian Restaurant Tablecloth

Or better yet, maybe they just walked out with their tablecloth stuffed in their bag and went home to make a dress out of it.

Tell me how you explain, this, though:

Psychedelic LulaRoe Seizure Shirt

There's no excuse for that. Is there like a Magic Eye shape hiding in there? If you find it, let me know...I can't look long enough without passing out.

Maybe this next pair of leggings won't give you a seizure, but do you really want to wear a Bill Cosby sweater on your legs?

Do people actually leave their house in these?

LulaRoe's Bill Cosby Leggings

Oh, hey - remember The Doritos Dress?

There's now a multicolored version.

LulaRoe Rainbow Doritos Dress

You know who would wear this dress? Ms. Frizzle. On her way to take her class to visit some triangular bacteria after shrinking them down to the size of microbes.

Or maybe to watch a paper airplane competition.

And then she'd probably do a quick change into this on their way to visit the mermaids:

LulaRoe Mermaid Shirt

She'd be the yin to their yang with her shiny scales on top next to their fins on the bottom. The Reverse Mermaid, if you will. guys.


Name one person that would seriously wear this next dress in any scenario. JUST ONE. Please, leave it in the comments because I need to know.

I give you......The Not Tonight Dress.

LulaRoe Not Tonight Dress - Period Dress

Okay, wait....I figured out where this would be appropriate. On a guy dressed as a girl for Halloween, being typically guy-ish in pointing out that women have periods. Because that never stops being funny.

Challenge: find another reason.

Here's a moment where they came super close and still failed.

I love a good polka dot, and I even love these colors together. I also love the cut and design of the Amelia.

Blue and Yellow Polka Dog Amelia

Cute, right?

But did you see it?

Look closer.

It's not even this poor dress''s unfortunate fabric usage, but it's still there.

It's the polkanips.

LulaRoe Amelia Nips


As much as I poke fun at the pattern mishaps in LulaRoe's fabrics, there's a whole world of LulaRoe's bloopers out there. Have you seen them? They usually have to do with the placement of circles or characters on bums. There are some seriously hilarious ones out there, but since these are photos of people wearing clothing with close-ups of their bodies I don't want to post the hilarious ones I've seen without permission.

I did get permission for this next photo, though from @orangeblossomphoto on Instagram. Do say hello, she posts photos of pretty LulaRoe pieces pretty often.

Here are her Bee Crotch Leggings....

LulaRoe Bee Crotch Leggings

Where you going, bee? Uh...ouch.

Thanks for sharing, Christie!

If you have a LulaRoe Blooper to share, or have seen something particularly head-scratching when considering it as fashion, I'd love to see it! Shoot me an email at Jenn(at)

For more on MLMs and their questionable selling tactics, see my newest post on the topic, HERE.


  1. You had me laughing so hard I was crying gurl! I do not get the prints either!

  2. Feedback for new fashion designers that have just left the student status and began with this company will appreciate constructive criticism. Always room for improvement in style and communication!

    1. Here's some feedback. Those designs are batsh,t crazy! And this company should be ashamed to force these crazy prints that no one what's to wear into people's inventory.

  3. I had never heard about LLR, but just read this: and came across your page. Genious!

    1. I live in the deep South and LLR is err'where. It is the VERY reason that - even as a new mother, desperate to have easy, comfy clothing - I *refused* to wear leggings. If you don't wear them, you can't be asked to attend LLR parties and/or disappoint friends by not attending or buying. And now I've got friends and family all over the country who are somehow involved in these MLMs and it's absolutely bonkers. Maybe none went to business school (where you'd learn how they're actually re-branded pyramid schemes) or care if they are stressing out their friends or family with their incessant sales pitches, but I - for one - refuse. I LOVE when I happen upon pages or blogs like this where people are pointing out the VERY obvious for a giggle and a reminder that by not buying into the over-priced, over-pushed hype ... we can remain sane and keep the friends who don't monetize our relationships (not necessarily out of avarice, just necessity - to keep their statuses active).

  4. I agree some of these prints are outlandish. That being said, your article on lularoe I just read is a bit over reaching. No one is forced to become a consultant. People can do research, speek to people and make a informed decision as you would with any business. I love lularoe clothing and see consultants that are rude, lie and come up with redicoulas rules. It's a know wonder they end up out of business.
    I would never sell lularoe for many reasons but I know you have to have the right personality to sell these clothes as well as a good business sense and lots of time, some people think that they can buy into this and not put any time into it and get rich that's not thinking logically.
    Is it perfect? No, yes it needs some prints that are better, and better return policy. The company needs to work on what happens to non sellable prints! That is not fair to consultants.
    If you go open a business, no matter what it is, there is risk, a lot of work and money. If you close that business you are probably going to loose a lot of money, and be in debt.
    How is this different? The fact they buy back the merchandise is pretty amazing. You also can sell the merchandise, eBay, other consultant, back to the company and going out of business sales. So if you do it right you will end up with most of your money back.
    I just think people are being way to hard on this company, if you do not have the money do not buy in. Research it, and understand it is not a get rich fast business and takes a lot to make it.

    1. Cyndi I'm a little confused by your post wasn't at all dealing with the business aspects of Lularoe at all, I was simply poking fun at the prints they try to pass off as stylish. As a business owner affiliated with a much more reputable company, I fully understand your comments, but I didn't need this kind of convincing. Just trying to understand what prompted what you had to say. :)

    2. Cindy Flores is apparently confused. There is a new article out about MLMs sending people "into debt and psychological crisis" that references and links to this page, among many others. For some reason she assumed you wrote the article. and came across your page

  5. A thousand times yes! I love beautiful fashion and LLR is not that. I get that it's comfy and better for larger body types that struggle to find flattering clothes, but those prints are not it! Why? Just why are these hideous prints being sold to the masses? And why are you buying them???

    1. I knowwww! It makes no sense. I think it's just how they get them so cheap from China/Vietnam (which I know is where the leggings come from!)

  6. I just want to tell you ladies: Walmart now carries leggings that feel like LulaRoe! They have solids and some prints and cost just under $6 a piece.

  7. This made me LoL next to my sleeping man several times.

  8. Too funny! As a former zookeeper and animal lover, I'd wear the whales��.
    And that red polka dot dress��? No idea what they were thinking.

    1. Right?? I have seen other versions of that dress where the random big dot is in other places, so I'm sure it's just someone who didn't care where the dot ended up. But what's the point of the random red dot in that pattern, anyway??? So weird!!!

  9. This all reminds me of the old fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," which basically is what the article that sent me here talks about. If the majority of those around you say the emperor has clothes on, even when he is obviously naked, you will most probably start to believe that he has clothes on, too. I have 3 pairs of LLR leggings and that's plenty. I had to struggle and search to find a couple of prints that made sense to me on an aesthetic level!!!! Now I can always spy a LLR, and not once have I seen anything at all that looks good on the wearer, and I have to say that every single print I've seen in the last year is completely hideous! Friends don't let friends buy ugly Lularoe clothes!!!

    1. Yes, exactly! With enough hype and panic mixed into their sales model, they can get anyone to think that this is desirable! It is so crazy how just playing to the right people can make anything seem valuable!!

  10. This whole situation makes me so sad. Just read the Quartz article: how tragic so many good honest women have been trapped into a cold blooded scam like this. Good luck everyone in salvaging some sanity out of this madness. Truly vicious and unkind, MLM/ pyramid schemes like this. Preying on so many.

  11. gahahaha the multicolored Dorito one reminds me of the shirt that Rocko wears (from Rocko's Modern Life).

  12. I'm laughing so hard.... Thank you so much for this.

  13. Omg, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard! I've been mystified by the popularity of LLR for YEARS, so this is comedic gold for me...thx for the laugh!

  14. Most of the sellers I trusted stopped selling this summer, hence me researching the "dark side of LLR", and finding you like everyone else. As a side note, my 5 year old daughter 100% picked out those rainbow Cosby Sweater leggings, and wears them like the boss she is. So I guess there is someone who loves those prints?

  15. There are some crazy prints out there. Two consultants I follow each have a pair of leggings in their inventory that are part green and white diamond print and part orange and brown diamond print. Other than a neutral color, there is nothing that would look good with both prints.

  16. The period dress is to confuse snipers. They won't be able to see their red aiming dot when there are so many other red dots. And the one large crotch dot is to psychologically intimidate them. Does this lady have a huge crotch? Is there a rival sniper also aiming at her? Is her crotch aiming a sniper rifle at... YOU?

    There, an explanation.

  17. I realize I'm 11 months late to the party, but I found the Quartz article because I was wondering about all of the Herbalife and Paparazzi shit I've seen on my FB feed lately. Herbalife reps hawking "Lose 20 pounds in two weeks with me by drinking nummy grasshopper and peanut butter smoothies with me every day." and Paparazzi reps who are "Just a girl changing the world $5 at a time."

    I want to scream at them that they will get nothing out of this but 1)Lose any savings they have, 2) Go into debt, or 3) Both.

    Amway. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and saw my husband lose a 40K windfall in under a year because we were constantly going to conventions and buying every book and cassette tape series they were pushing to "increase your sales and become a Double Diamond, blah blah blah."

    But I know I would get the de facto "You're just jealous. You don't want to see us succeed. My upline warned us that friends and family would try to talk us out of fulfilling our dream of financial independence."

    Um, yeahhhhhh, about that. That's what scammy pyramid scheme pushers ALLLLLLL say.

    "No. You're wrong. This isn't a pyramid scheme. You just have to get 3 friends to sign up, and they get 3 friends to sign up, and, and, and."

    Yep. Pyramid scheme. Just, do yourself a favor. Steer clear.

    "You're thinking about their OLD business model. They've changed. It's nothing like that now."

    Do you have to buy a bunch of shit that you'll never use up in your lifetime, and "replenish" your supply no less than once a month, AND push it on anyone and everyone, and then convince them to become a rep so they, too, can save money on all of these wonderful products that will make them young, and thin, and rich, and healthy, and beautiful, and popular.

    "Well, yes, but all those things are possible if you just do the work. My upline is so encouraging and helpful. They keep us informed of informational seminars and "jamborees" where we can buy books and tapes and have the wisdom of the Diamonds and beyond at our fingertips."

    You don't think this sounds just a wee bit cultish?

    "Oh, not at all. But, just so you know, my upline has suggested we not stay in contact with friends or family who refuse to be supportive of our new lifestyle."