Monday, June 27, 2016

Enjoy: Find Gratitude, Fun, and Creativity to Enjoy Your Everyday

Finding Gratitude, Fun & Creativity to Enjoy Every Day Though the last year or so has been a generally tough one for me and my family, I find that I'm emerging from it with a greater sense of self knowledge and acceptance.

"The hard times are golden 'cause they all lead to better days." (Be Alright)

Part of this means that I am finally embracing what it means to be a creative - how I think, why I feel the way I do, why I act the way I do or make the choices that I do, what goals I need to set. It's also helped me to see it in the creatives around me.

Find gratitude, fun and creativity to help enjoy every single day

I've had to refine a lot of it, too. My creative brain wants to try every last creative expression in great detail and through many hours. It's a work in progress (I spoke about it briefly in my introduction to yoga), but I've learned to take time to fully experience the few pursuits I've settled on for the time being. Doing so has helped me to be more present - more fully invested in my chosen outlets. I am able to Enjoy each one of them in their given time.

Whether you consider yourself a creative or not, it is endlessly important that we take time to Enjoy life, every single day. Whether it's in putting on a shirt that makes you giddy, or using some fringe hours to get wrapped up in a craft or a love story in a novel - we have to make it a priority. Even when we're overly busy. Especially then.

Enjoy, to me, is a word that encompasses many others.

It's my word for Intentional, Present, Grateful, Create, Play, Memories, and Indulgence.

Nature is one of the very best ways to enjoy

Enjoy is the word I say to myself when I realize how gorgeous the weather is, how cute the expression is on one of my kids' faces, when I'm in the middle of a really fun painting project, or I'm setting off on a vacation. It's my quick little reminder to be present - to take it all in, focus on the good, and to be grateful for the experience.

It's also, simply, acceptance for the less important indulgences in my life. It's how I describe my love of Disney, shopping and clothes, flowers, office supplies, and chocolate.

Enjoy is a huge, amazing umbrella.

When I chose Enjoy as one of my core desired feelings (through practicing The Desire Map), I had to eliminate many others. As I just showed you, though, a lot of others neatly filed within the umbrella of Enjoy. I found that to be the case often as I worked on my words. Think of how many actions and belongings, at their root, exist or happen because of our desire to enjoy life. Isn't it sort of the driving force behind much of what we do? Whether it's having a bed that's comfortable to sleep in at the end of every day, or having the funds to take a weekend trip a few times a year - don't we all just want to enjoy life?

Enjoy is different from my other heart words (Bloom, Purpose, and Enrich), though there can sometimes be crossover. It's different because Enjoy is the word for our comfort zone. It's the definition of all that we know about ourselves and where we find relief and love.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy, however you choose, whenever you can, all the days of your life.

Enjoy is the word in each of our hearts. It's in every hug, every smile, every bite of dessert. It's the feeling that we turn to after getting through the hard stuff. It's the silver lining during the hard stuff. It's the very process of living.

Though not every person's core desired feelings will be the same as mine, I think that we all need both Enjoy and Bloom in our lives. At the root of everything we do, these words should be there - and maybe even at the same time.

So sip that cup of coffee like it's liquid gold. Laugh when your two year old's only comeback in an argument is spitting their tongue at their siblings. Allow yourself to be in awe of the fun and talent you're experiencing when you paint, write, or sew. Run outside and just stand there if the sky is pink at the end of the day. Lie on the floor in corpse pose and revel in the extreme comfort in all parts of your body.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - however you choose, whenever you can, all the days of your life.


  1. I'm thankful for every day, mornings give me the greatest enjoyment

  2. Absolutely! It is so important that we take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I try each day to be mindful, to be grateful and to take the time to appreciate what I have been given. Great article.

    1. It's hard some days, and for my type A husband I find it to be even harder so I'm constantly reminding him. But if we aren't enjoying, what is there? :)