Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Secret to Drinking More Water (+ 3 More Super Simple Tips)

Want to know my secret to drinking enough water every day? It's a good one! ;) I have a few other tips that might help you, too! I admit it: I am AWFUL at drinking enough water!

And I can't even say that if I really really tried I would ever enjoy downing eight glasses a day. How anyone gets anything done when they have to go to the bathroom THAT often, I will never understand.

Still, I know that I need to drink more than I do. On a typical day, I might have 2-4 glasses + coffee. Some days, though? Coffee is my only liquid. I KNOW! (hides)

My secret trick for drinking enough water every day (plus 3 extra tips)

I'm pretty good at drinking my water in the summer, but I really struggle to get it down during the cold months, or even on a gloomy day. I just don't find it satisfying or even comfortable to do. I know it's important, though, so I try - and I've finally found a trick that actually helps me succeed!

On vacation last year, I found Twinings Citrus Cold Brew Iced Tea that brews in a cool glass of water in 5 minutes or less. I'm an iced tea junkie, but I sometimes go days forgetting to put out a pitcher on a sunny day despite craving it, and boiling it just isn't the same!

I'm happy to report that this is SO delicious, and it really does brew in under 5 minutes! (PS, not sponsored!)

So, I brew a glass (just with cool water from our fridge's tap), then fill it with ice.

Here's where the secret comes in.

When I drain the glass, I fill it back up with ice water. I don't typically wait for any more brewing to happen, but it does naturally - only weaker. The light citrusy tea flavor is still amazing, even after multiple glasses.

All day long, I leave the tea bag in my glass and repeatedly fill it with ice and water. Usually after dinner I toss the bag (but still use the same glass.) By then, it hasn't really been "tea" in a few glasses, but I've downed SO much water that I wouldn't have otherwise.

A few more quick ideas:

+ Fall in love with a water bottle. If you find one that you really love toting around, you'll enjoy refilling it and taking it everywhere you go. My current favs are my Matilda Jane Tarvis tumblers.

Matilda Jane Tarvis tumbler

+ Add fresh flavors. My favorites are cucmber, cucumber lime, lemon lime, and watermelon mint. You can get one of those fancy diffuser bottles if you like, but I usually just drop my additives into whatever glass I'm using.

+ Use mason jars to prep your water. This might sound like a stupid idea - who needs to prep water? But this can actually be super helpful, and even get me excited to drink it. I will sometimes fill a mason jar with water and cucumbers, seal it, and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning I just grab it and add ice, and it's not only super convenient, but the flavor has had time to become awesome!


Have any more water drinking tips? I could certainly use them! ;)

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