Monday, May 9, 2016

The Bedroom Paradise Project

I have always really loved our bedroom, but as I mentioned recently - it becomes a center for clutter when we have company. It's so small, and our closet space is so scarce that it's often overflowing with piles of things that have no home.

I decided after our trip to Florida and a desire to live with a vacation mindset that our room needs to serve us better. It's not just a place to sleep or watch TV in, but a place to recharge and give ourselves a pampering feeling.

The Bedroom Paradise Project

Inspired both by The Desire Map (I swear so many details coming soon!) and The Lifegiving Home (both affiliate links), I want to cultivate loving and energizing shrines in each corner of my home with a focus on the feelings that we really want to feel. I've found that I am much more productive and successful if I focus on the feeling of an action rather than the process, completion, or the status of it. Thinking about how I want to feel gets me moving!

So to get our project started, we made a few purchases - a pink himalayan sea salt lamp, a rock fountain, an extension chord for our headboard lighting, a ceiling hook, and a potted plant. Our total cost was less than $100 - about $90.

Next, I took inventory of a few unfinished decor crafts and completed all of them during a girls night and some Dixie Chicks singing. I also crafted a macrame plant holder out of an old tee shirt that I cut into stretchy strips.

Finally, after hanging my crafted artwork, I needed to do a bit of decluttering and organizing. I sorted and recycled MOUNTAINS of paperwork, got rid of lots of garbage, set up our new purchases, and stocked my nightstand with nourishing face wipes, yummy chapstick, and new wax melts for my scent warmer.

In reality, it didn't take me all that long. I spent a few hours one weekend, another hour one weekday, and two or three fifteen minute sprints. And when that was done, we had a relaxing, cozy sanctuary of a bedroom. In fact, it's almost dangerous because I never want to leave it!

Forgive my sub-par photos - trying to photo this room with a prime lens is impossible because it's so tiny! (But tiny can be incredibly cozy!)

my nightstand is basically always overflowing with books, journals, and my New Girl DVDs.
there's also almost always a bottle of nailpolish or sheets of jamberry wraps.

ps - I artfully covered up how horridly ruined the finish of my nightstand can see
a little of it peeking out. that story involves a bottle of nail polish remover, an energetic
toddler, and a very hormonal pregnant me circa 2013.

move your blue hat next time, me ;)

this is one of my favorite little areas in my room.
also move your shopping receipts next time, me! sheesh. ;)

And let me just show you what this looks like at night - if you promise to ignore the fact that I quickly snapped this at the point of the day when my kids have totally wrinkled the bed.

Imagine also that a fan is blowing a light breeze, the window is cracked to a cool evening, the fountain is tinkling and sparkling, and a plug-in wax warmer is throwing fresh, floral scents around. Sighhhh. Coming back to this after my evening shower & self-care routine is a serious respite for the soul.


If you use your bedroom as a ground zero for clutter, stop it. If you haven't spent a few hours adding things that will comfort, relax, and pamper you, do it. The difference in my daily mood and the start to my day is immeasurable! Help me continue on this good feeling by joining in The Bedroom Paradise Project and making your bedroom a sanctuary!

Next on our wishlist? A sunrise alarm clock. One that plays authentic nature sounds as it brightens. I think that's our last missing piece, and I can't wait to wake up that way!

Sweet Dreams! ;)


  1. I love your wall color. Very calming.

    1. Thanks! It's Mesa Verde by Valspar. This is the second bedroom we've used it in because we're so crazy about it :)

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