Friday, April 29, 2016

A Challenge for the Disney Fanatic

In Spring of 2014, I read the book Walt Disney: An American Original by Bob Thomas. I'm not sure what inspired me to read it, but I loved hearing the story of how the Disney empire came to be and how difficult (and often debt-fueled) the process of developing animation was - and how that lead to so many iconic movies that we all know and love today.

Not only did reading that book create a longing to visit Disney World (which we did in May of 2015), but it made me want to watch all of the Disney movies there ever were. A crazy task, I know.

Disney Movie Challenge

I originally just thought I'd do the animated films, but then realized there were a few live action and hybrid (animated and live action together) that would have to be on a Disney challenge list. Not knowing where to draw the line to make a complete challenge, I ended up writing down every single Disney title I could find. With a few exceptions. I skipped over the Documentaries and many of the Nature films. I also hit a point where I couldn't stomach adding six Air Bud remakes, or the sequels to popular movies that no one has heard of. But even so, it's a pretty comprehensive list.

And it's 400 titles long.

If I watched one every single day (which would never happen) it would take me well over a year. SO what to do?

There are SO many ways to tackle a Disney Movie Challenge! Here are some of my thoughts:

+Watch all of the Animated Movies
+Watch all of the Animated & Hybrid Movies
+Watch all of the movies you've ever heard the name of before
+Watch all of the movies from a given decade (or focus on tackling 1 decade at a time)
+Watch all of the movies that have a related attraction at Disney World (click here)
+Watch all of the animated/hybrid movies in order, and the live movies anytime
+Make theme nights for you and your kids, or your significant other, and pair a meal/snacks/activity that fits the film
+Watch all the movies set in a given country and travel the globe (but it would take a lot of research!)
+Watch them all in alphabetical order

I think I have settled on watching all of the animated & hybrid movies in order (I really want to see the progression and growth in the animation), and then catching the live action movies anytime I can. I'm sure there will be moments when I can't catch the next animated film in order, so while I wait (like on a request at the library) I can tackle whatever live action movie I can get my hands on.

So..........WHY do I want to do this? :)

I don't know. Disney has infected my brain. Part of it is the curiosity I have in seeing animation grow, part of it is wanting to understand more of the attractions and details in Disney World, and part of me just wants to be able to say that I have!

Do you know that I've never seen Mary Poppins? Or Peter Pan? Or Swiss Family Robinson? I know.

Want to play along? You can do it anyway that speaks to you, of course, but if you'd like my list of 400 titles to start with, let me know & I'll hook you up!

Update: I made a page to help myself keep track (and you, too, if you're interested!) Click below!

Disney Movie Challenge List

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