Thursday, March 24, 2016

Luke's Colonoscopy


Our Lukey guy had his colonoscopy yesterday.

This was a moment that I had been avoiding for years...wishing to not put him through this and to find answers without such an invasive procedure, but we have hit a wall and needed to know what's going on in there.

The past few days have been so hard for all of us. It’s an awful, awful thing to have your child look at you with, “please don’t let them do that to me,” in their eyes, and you have to encourage them to let it happen and maybe even hold them down. Mothering instincts are calling you to hug them and kung-fu everyone else away and not let anyone touch them. The only way I could think to describe it is leading a pig to slaughter…only he’s more aware, which is so much worse. I’ve had to do it so much lately, and over the last three years. I’ve had to take him for blood work over and over, and to so many appointments and scary or painful procedures. We have both had enough. MORE than enough. It was breaking my heart to know what I was going to lead him through in the next two days.

Prep day went better than expected. It was less devastating than we were expecting, and Luke was in good spirits and well distracted. He never even really complained about being hungry, because as soon as he felt like he needed something, he would just grab a popsicle or a sucker and some gatorade, and he was happy.

He picked Matt to take him to the procedure, and I was a nervous wreck at home, waiting for updates and craving more details. Matt said that Luke was great - positive, brave, agreeable - almost the entire time they were there. They DID let Matt stay with Luke until he was under, and they didn’t give him the IV until he was already out. Apparently, he was great even walking to the OR and getting up on the table, but as soon as he had a minute to take it all in, he started crying. Matt said that it was rough for a few minutes, but he held his hand and told him how great he was, and then he was asleep.

He woke up in great spirits, too. He immediately had crackers and water, went to the bathroom, and was discharged. He was walking to the car 30 minutes after he woke up.

When he got home, I made pancakes for lunch (they said to have something soft and bland for his first meal), we chatted, and then cuddled in my bed and watched food network.

As far as the test? They didn’t see anything obvious. They said that everything looked normal, even. There was one small “pale patch” that they didn’t really elaborate much on. They said it could be from the prep, or residual inflammation from his previous infections, or it could be an isolated area where the colits (if he has it) acts up, but it wasn’t alarming. They took biopsies that will give us the final answers, but there’s been no diagnosis for now. They already ruled out all serious IBDs and conditions and their thought is if anything comes back it will just be mild colitis.

Which is great news....except for the fact that we’ve spent three years with a kid who can’t leave the bathroom because of bloody diarrhea and thousands (and thousands) of dollars on tests and medicines and specialist visits. Sigh.

Anyway, it's behind us, and it went about as well as it could have. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes for our guy!

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