Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

On Good Friday, Nana slept over our house after having fish fries for dinner. The plan was to color easter eggs either after or before, but we ran out of time waiting on the long lines for fish fries, so we decided to do them first thing in the morning. It was the usual chaotic but fun ordeal...

This was Sean's way of celebrating Easter together despite being on the other side of the country...:)

A few hours later, we went to the egg hunt at the church down the street from us. No one won any of the big baskets this year, but everyone had a great time, anyway!

Luke was the only taker on the ponies!

The next morning, the boys were SO EXCITED to find their baskets and eggs. We were up SO EARLY! haha

Once all the eggs were found, and we'd had time to go through their baskets, it was time to make everyone's favorite - brunch! This year kept it pretty simple. The main event was a yogurt parfait bar, and there were also muffins, fruit, eggs, and hash.

Next up was a quick egg hunt and playing outside! It was a pretty, sunny day!

Our last celebration for the day was an egg hunt and Grandpa & Grandma C's house!

We had an awesome Easter - we hope you did, too! :)

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