Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Secret Wallet List

When I read The Secret in 2012, I was so excited by what I discovered that I shared it with anyone that would listen. It didn't take off with everyone, but my mom and sister in particular really took notice and have applied the ideas to their lives.

Through the years, the amount of attention we pay to it ebbs and flows, and there are times when the two of them are more dedicated to the principles of The Secret than I am. In fact, after a failed attempt to "secret" a daughter into our family, I didn't have a whole lot of passion to invest in it. I still believed in it (still do), but I didn't focus on it like I should for a while. My mom reads all kinds of things relating to The Secret, and finds little exercises and things to try and help your desires along. One day she was telling me about how something on her wallet list came true and I said...your wallet list??

A wallet list, as it turns out, is just a small piece of paper that you write your heart's desires on, fold up, and stick in your wallet. You thank the universe for your blessings, and set them free. Once you speak and write the ideas, they are out there - swimming around as possibilities. All that's left to do is be positive and accepting so that you can harvest your blessings when they come to you. (PS - that was my failure with secreting a daughter....I worried and stressed about it too much. I tried TOO hard!)

I loved this idea (could it be any simpler to do?), so I wrote out every big and small thing I wanted to bring to my life before folding it up and tucking it away in my wallet. It's even more personal than my big vision board, so I'm not going to share everything on it, but I did want to tell you a cool story about what happened with one thing on my list.

I made my list in early November, and since Christmas shopping was looming I wrote "$700 for Christmas shopping by Black Friday" on my list. I work to save up $500 for Christmas shopping each year, so this went beyond my usual budget and I wasn't sure how I would make my usual savings this year, let alone that larger number. But because it was my list, and I was feeling positive, I left it on there and hoped for the best. 

My work obligations were slower in 2015, and the extra I'd saved up went towards our Disney trip in May, so I had only managed to save up $240 in my Christmas account by the time I'd made my list. I was struggling to see how I'd even make my usual $500! I'd applied to a bunch of blogging jobs, but everyone else is applying for them during the holiday season, too, and my blog traffic isn't what many of my peers' is, so none of them were panning out. 

As some of you know, I'm a part time Virtual Assistant for Maggie Whitley, and she'd asked me to help her work on this year's Holiday Gift Guide. It happened really quickly - faster than we usually do it - and within a couple of weeks, the guide was built and I already had my commission. I made $236 from that job, bringing my total savings up to $476. I also knew I'd have about $30 in my checking account that wasn't promised to anything, making my budget $506. It was really cool that I hit my usual budget in time, and I was totally thrilled with that.

This is when things get crazy. I had worked on a blogging job in the fall for a company whose product was recalled. They put publishing our posts on hold indefinitely (something I'm still sad about because I still think it was my best sponsored content ever and it will never see the light of day!!!) Suddenly, I got an email the Monday before Thanksgiving letting us know that the job was officially canceled, and they were going to pay those of us that had already submitted our drafts - knowing we'd done all the work. I was owed $215 and it was scheduled to hit my account by Thursday.

It was a really cool thing to begin with, getting this surprise, thought to be lost money, but when I looked at the numbers and the date - I couldn't BELIEVE it! My total spendable budget for Christmas shopping was $721 and the last payment hit my account in the wee hours of Thanksgiving (actually submitted on Wednesday, but officially available Thursday.)  BY Black Friday - like the last possible day to be available in time for Black Friday.

I couldn't believe it! I went back and looked at my list to confirm, and again, I had written "$700 for Christmas shopping by Black Friday." It couldn't have happened more perfectly or accurately!

So you better believe that next year's amount is bigger ;) ;)

Some of the things on my list have a timeline - because I know that my family won't be ready for them to be a reality until this or that year (even if I'd love them sooner), and I think it's totally fine to add those things to your list so that the wheels can turn for years to make it a possibility. Clearly the wheels of this particular wish of mine were turning before I even put my wish on my wallet list - these things take time sometimes!

Even if you've already made a vision board, and especially if you don't have time to make a pretty vision board - you should DEFINITELY make a wallet list. Not only is it so quick and easy to do - you can scribble it in your worst handwriting if you want - but it's a lot like making a grocery list for life. You're writing down all the things you'd buy at the "life" store if you could quantify such things. To reinforce that idea, I even wrote mine on the pad of paper I write my grocery lists on. When you have your list, keep a smile on your face as you read each thing and thank the universe for them as if you already have them. Send out as many thank yous and positive thoughts as you can muster. Then fold it up, put it in your wallet, and forget about it.

And enjoy. Because before you know it.....things will be finding their way to you!

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