Monday, January 18, 2016

Lukas is 7!

It happens every year in the three week wait between Christmas and Luke's birthday - he desperately asks us to keep Christmas in our house so he can celebrate his birthday with it.

I'm totally fine with leaving the tree up a week into January or so, but by the time we get there we are ready to pack it up and just get a clean, fresh start to the new year. He was SO insistent this year, so we compromised.

We moved our little mini-tree that we usually keep in the dining room into the living room and called it his Birthdaymas tree.



I made some 7 ornaments and used a little birthday balloon garland and a party hat to decorate his Birthdaymas tree, and then on his birthday, we put his presents under it.


The night before his birthday, we asked him what he wanted to do for his Birthday Eve. He picked playing outside in the snow. Matt had to go to TKD, but the rest of us bundled up and went outside. It was snowing the whole time we were out there, and Galli had the time of her life running around in the snow!


CRAZY how much he looks like my dad in this picture!!!

On the morning of his birthday, he had a birthday pop tart for breakfast. We don't usually eat stuff like that, and almost NEVER buy pop tarts, so it was his indulgent pick.


That afternoon, I pulled into the pickup line a little early so I could blow up balloons and fill the van with them for when he got in. He LOVED that little surprise!


That night, after dinner (he picked Pizza Hut again), we had a cookie cake together before opening presents.


He got the nerf gun he'd been asking for for a veeeery long time!


The next day, he had his friend birthday party at Bounce Magic. I have some really great pictures from that, but don't want to post them in case their parents wouldn't want their pictures out there! Here's just a couple without his friends in them...


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