Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January's Enrych Book Club Reads

Okay book lovers - where are you? Show of hands? Hmm, hmmmmm.

I am one in your ranks of many, but the problem in this current phase of life is that I have zero spare time. At different moments, I will make time for books, but right now it's been sort of a back-burner priority. Still a priority, though, because the information and inspiration in a book is unmatched.

Because my time for reading is so small this year, I'm trying to focus the little time I do have on truly positive reads. I want my eyes to take in happy things like: encouragement, inspiration, cheerleading, camaraderie, and love.

January Enrych Book Club

I'm calling this the Enrych Book Club, but there are no meetings. You don't have to get dressed or spend any of your precious alone time after the kids are in bed meeting me online. Instead, I'm just going to share some reads with you each month that are showing me support and ideas, that moved me in some way, that I think you might love, and that can be useful to us on our quest to kick butt.

Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for a post each month, but you can check in and see just-the-books at the Book Club tab at the top of the page.

This month I've plopped my two life staples there: The Secret and The Happiness Project.


These two books have helped me shape my ideas, motivations, and plans into things that I can believe in and manage. The Secret talks about the ever-present magnetic force of the universe, and how to use it to your advantage. It tells you how (and why) to be positive, and some of the wonderful ways you can enhance your life with it. The Happiness Project is a year-long journey of a woman named Gretchen. She assigned an area of life that she believed would bring her more happiness if nurtured to each month, talked about some of the ways she accomplished goals within each them and how she felt about them. Her actual process isn't profound or magical - which is what makes it so great. It is so down to earth and relatable that it inspires you in a "I can totally do this" sort of way.

These books and their ideas have stayed with me for years and have worked together to not only make things better, but to this very blog. It was a long journey here, but I'm so glad I found it!

If you haven't read them, they are a GREAT place to start to get the wheels turning and to organize your goals and inspirations. If you've already read them, tell me what you think in the comments! And if you plan to read them, be sure to come back and let me know what your experience is!

I have one other book to share with you for January that is what I am currently reading. It is PERFECT in that it is quick and easy to read, and inspiring in the exact way I need it to be!


I can't remember how I heard of this book, but I put on my Amazon wish list so I wouldn't forget about it, and Matt surprised me by buying it for me for Christmas! It was really cool because he knew I wanted it, but I'd basically forgotten I did. Confusingly, it has no known author (technically the author credited is pleasefindthis), and it's called (in short) I Wrote This For You: Just the Words.

The entire book is a collection of mini-poetry. Some blurbs are a few words and others are a paragraph or two. Each one is a unique thought, and depending on who reads the book, they mean something different to each person. Not every blurb speaks to me, but every few I stumble on one that makes me stop and think - sometimes even read three or four times as I process the fact that this author put a feeling of mine into words somehow, and there they are - on paper. There are a few in particular that stand out to me more than others - things that I adore so much I want to turn into visual art somehow.

The idea is that you can just flip to any page and read something to get you thinking. It doesn't have to be read in order (though I am, because me.) There are themed sections so you can read all the thoughts about one idea or jump all over the place.

It's beautiful.

It is a perfect, fast-paced volume of inspiration to set those fresh year goals with and keep churning them out. I hope you'll check it out and let me know which pieces speak to you!

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